In the Darkness is where man was born, he could not see or speak, he was a child with no understanding to the world he was born into, but had shame when he discovered his body was naked. The Divine spirit spoke and said child you do not need to feel shame, if you have not committed any crimes against humanity or the Lord of the Heavens. I can not protect you from yourself, but you will have to learn of good and evil now that your eyes are open to see. You will have to work in the fields to feed yourself and any family you produce. Here is where you can build a home on the land that you may live and know what will be like to sweat and suffer for it is because you were born in ignorance is why you must now live outside of paradise. I can not be there to save you from harm only if you choose me ‘THE LORD” to be your savior.  However, if you choose the “poison of God”, Samael my only true son, you will live in chaos and know what it is to die. Paradise is no longer an option, since man has fallen from paradise, he can never again return to the garden.

Now you have the ability to know the essence of the world, you have the ability to know the secrets to the universe, the secrets held by Hecate, she is the Shekinah of Darkness and Light, but has now given that Light to Lucifer/Samael, her son and Consort. Together with Belial they rule the outer darkness of this universe. Hecate is the great Trident and Queen of Witchcraft, she rules all of the universe outside the limits where time does not exist. Only Hecate can show you magic.

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