Adversarial Spirits have the Power to be Stow Gifts Upon the Magician. Goetia spirits mean no harm, but like people they can be tricksters or temperamental so handle with care, build relationships and show your loyalty. These celestial beings will show you the gifts they can stow upon you. Read about more spirits here.

eligos spirit of solomonnbsp- MagickPower

Eligos is the spirit of war and divination. Eligos can help you to know the plans of your enemy’s military situations. Eligos can cause war with armies. he can help you win the respect and admiration of a leader whom you know personally.

Jedan on ca Eligos inan

Adversarial Spirit Barbatos spirit of Solomonnbsp- MagickPower

Barbatos is an Angelic ruler of witchcraft who teaches all sciences, tells the future and discerns the past. Barbatos can show you grimoires through the astral plane and offer astral shape shifting through dreams.

Eveta fubin Barbatos

Bathin Goetic Spiritnbsp- MagickPower

Bathin is into herbalism, the magick of stones and gardening of different varieties. Bathin can put you in a good mood if you as him or any mood of your choice. He knows the value of investments and business opportunities.

 Dyen pretore on ca Bathin

Adversarial Beleth grants sexual pleasurenbsp- MagickPower

Working with Beleth can ignite an old flame once lost in a relationship and cause passion between lovers. Beleth can cause someone to want to engage in sexual acts more frequently and be aroused with sexual love for you. Beleth can also bring lasting love to men and women to start a family. Long term commitments.Fidelity

Lirach tasa vefa wehl Beleth

Berith divination spiritnbsp- MagickPower

Berith is a divination spirit said to turn metal into gold which may be interpreted into alchemy. Berith is one to help you make investment decisions and to find your inner strength, true self determination. He can guard your rites and assist with self exploration. Berith can manipulate people in believing what you want them to believe.

 Hoath redar ganabal Berith

Belial GateKeeper great Spiritnbsp- MagickPower

Belial is powerful northern spirit of earth, gatekeeper, initiator, teacher and liberator of man. Feeling powerless? Belial can assist with many things including awakening, ascension, wisdom, spell work, self mastery and confidence, masculinity and raw power in your life. He can teach you how to rise your will and emotions imperative to magick..

Lirach tasa vefa welhc Belial

Belial GateKeeper great Spiritnbsp- MagickPower

Bifrons can help you connect with someone who just died. He can help with memory. Repressed memories? Help with simple memory tasks. He is a necromancer spirit with ties to the shades of the dead. Bifrons can bind ghosts, teach the use of herbs, wood, stones, astrology, geometry, math, arts and science.

Avage secore Bifrons remie tasa

Botis can reveal dark secretsnbsp- MagickPower

Botis can bring you the deep dark secrets or true feelings of a named individual to light. Botus can make it so you have the super power of drawing out those secrets yourself from just having conversation with someone. He gives courage in times of needs and helps you make tough decisions. Botis can help relieve tensions at home.

 Jedan hoesta noc ra Botis

Buer Goetic Spiritnbsp- MagickPower

Can speed up healing of an injury, disease or illness. He can ease mental suffering from negative thoughts or perceptions of yourself.  Buer discourages drinking and helps you understand your personal urges and how they hinder your growth on spiritual path. Buer is connected to the earth and teaches you magical properties of herbs

Erato on ca Buer anon

Adversarial Spirit Bune provides wealthnbsp- MagickPower

Necromancy spirit. Can bring spirit success in business and can manifest money for those in need. Bunes energy helps you attract more money and success into your life. Bune inspires good financial decision making and just wise decision all around. Bune is a goddess of death and is said to gather shades. You will notice the dead around.

Whlc melan avage Bune tasa

Caim can give lucid dreamingnbsp- MagickPower

Caimo can show the magician about earth, lucid dreaming, witchcraft hydromancy, ashes/coal divination, animal communication. Caimo will answer your questions in burning ashes or coals.Can help you talk down to people who are less intelligent without sounding offensive so they understand. He provides answers to questions.

Tasa on ca Caim renich

Adversarial Spirit Cimeries Goetia Spiritnbsp- MagickPower

Cimeries can make you appear stronger, more articulate and charming to anyone you may come across. Cimeries can help you discover and overcome subconscious fears that are holding you back from living your true will.He can bestow courage and teach literature. Cimeries is a patron of soldiers and military personnel.

Ayer avage secore Cimejes


GAAP can cause love and lust between two people or a fierce hatred thats not limited to two people. GAAP can make someone lust after you. GAAP can make a named target confused, sleepy, or unable to concentrate. To lose their knowledge that may be used against you. GAAP is also a divination spirit.

Deyan anay tasa GAAP

Dantalion can provide visionsnbsp- MagickPower

Dantalion can tap into the thoughts, truth, feelings of a named target, change and manipulate them. He can give you visions of someone you may want to spy on or someone you are interested in romantically/ He can encourage a change in meeting. He know psychology and social skills.

Avage ayer Dantalion on ca

Decarabia great Spirit of Goetianbsp- MagickPower

Is an earth realm spirit who know’s of all the dark places on earth. Decarabia teaches all witchcraft of the earth including, stones plants and elements Decarabia can show you the astral realm and lucid dreaming practices. Decarabia can show you visions of those who may be gossiping about you, 

Hoesta noc ra Decarabia secore

Adversarial Spirit Lucifuge Rofocal can bring wealthnbsp- MagickPower

Lucifuge Rofocale is the primordial force behind the ancient practice of pact making in regard to other entities. If you are loyal he will provide you financially. You can as the spirits what they want as payment and you will receive an answer in your dreams. Evocations can be found in Grimoirium Verum

Eyen tasa valocur Lucifuge Rofocale

Adversarial Spirit Forenus a teacher of old languagesnbsp- MagickPower

Forenus pronounced as a teacher of old language, articulation rhetoric, arts and sciences. Forneus can make your enemies or anyone else see you in good light so you can get away with words or actions that might otherwise be offensive to them. Forenus can help you obtain the recognition you deserve. 

 Senan okat ena Forneus ayer

FurFur a teacher of old languagesnbsp- MagickPower

Furfur is said to echo your subconscious mind,so you may have to as her to tell you the truth.She can cause mechanical failure for a specific targeted person, make you be stealthy while snooping on secrets, can tell you people’s secrets and can make someone who is calm lose their self control.

Ganen menach tasa Furfur

Great Duke Barbatos 8th Spirit | Barbatos is an angelic ruler of witchcraft who teaches all sciences, tells the future and discerns the past. Barbatos can show you grimoires through the astral plane and offers astral shapeshifting through dreams. He reveals treasure hidden by magick. Talks animals and soothes hurt feelings, brings to light misunderstandings, reconciles friends and secures the good will of those in positions of power over you. Dark force Barbatos can bring people together in friendship.Adversarial Spirits of Goetia

Great King Belelth 13th Spirit | Beleth brings the spirit of love between men and women. She is a favorite of women awaiting a proposal. Byleth is a female. She has a round doll-like, piercing dark eyes with long dark blonde hair with ringed curls. The Thirteenth Spirit is called Beleth (or Bileth, or Bilet). He is a mighty King and terrible. He rideth on a pale horse with trumpets and other kinds of musical instruments playing before him. Adversarial Spirits of Goetia

Great Duke Eligos 15th Spirit | He is a spirit of war and divination. Eligos can help you to know the plans of your enemy’s in military situations. Eligos can cause war with armies. He can help you win the respect and admiration of a leader whom you already know personally. Eligos helps in court cases, legal affairs and attracts business and financial success. Eligos can find hidden things. Creates love and lust for successful love spirits. Adversarial Spirits of Goetia

Great Duke Bathin 18th Spirit | He knows herbalism and the magick of stones and gardening of different varieties. Bathin can also put you in a good mood of your choice. He can help you with safe travels and can take you on an astral journey to other countries or places Bathin knows the value of investments and can show business opportunities you may have missed. Adversarial Spirits of Goetia. Protector of the journeymen. Bathin is the demon that will ensure smooth and safe travel and remove travel restrictions that stand before you.

Great and Mighty Duke Berith 28th Spirit | He is a divination spirit said to turn metal into gold which may be interpreted into alchemy. Berith is one to help you make investment decisions and to find your inner strength true self and determination. He can guard your rites and assist you with self-exploration. Berith can manipulate people into believing what you want them to believe to improve your social status. Berith can tell the future, and help you figure out present and past situations. Adversarial Spirits of Goetia.

MAMMON/CLAUNECK – Summoning one of these chief demons of wealth will help you conquer financial problems and achieve new levels of prosperity.

ZEPAR/ASMODEUS/SITRI/BELETH – Summoning one of these demons will imbue you with fiery, lustful energy and make you more attractive to your love interests. These demons can also help bring a new person (including a succubus/incubus) into your life or make a specific person fall in love with you.

PAIMON – King Paimon is the ruler of the astral realms. He can help you achieve astral projection, lucid dreaming, spiritual visions and increase your magical potency and knowledge. Paimon is my personal guardian demon and magical guide, so I can vouch for a strong connection.

BELIAL – Belial is an earthly, warrior demon enflamed by desires of power and domination. As such, he should be summoned by those seeking earthly success. Belial will turn you into a dominant, kingly presence, raising your vibrational state and strengthening your mind and body.

LILITH – The mother of demons herself opens the gates of Qliphotic spiritual enlightenment. If you’re interested in making swift progress on the Left-Hand Path, consider requesting this ritual. Summoning Lilith can also strengthen your root chakra, increasing your sexual energy and inviting a succubus into your life.

ABADDON – Abaddon is the Gatekeeper of the Abyss. You will want Abaddon on your side if you have dark and morally ambiguous ambitions and/or if you require ascetic self discipline and emotional equilibrium.

LUCIFER – Along with Lilith, Lucifer is the greatest initiator into the Left Hand Path. Also known as the Lightbringer and the Illuminator, Lucifer brings wonderful visions and dark powers to those who dare summon him.

ANDROMALIUS – The punisher of thieves and tricksters, Andromalius can help you find stolen possessions and reveal plots against you. Summon Andromalius to discover who your true enemies are and what they are doing behind your back.

BUER – For those struggling with physical ailments, Buer can be a vital helper. He’s been known to heal through his own vital spiritual force, as well as lead the stricken to proper diagnosis and cures found in nature.

BAEL – Bael’s main power is to turn a person and their personal affairs invisible. By invisibility, we mean going undetected by enemies and bad agents in general. Whether you’re protecting your secret business idea, a relationship, or you are undertaking a perilous journey, having Bael on your side can prove mightily useful.

ASTAROTH – For the purposes of divination and obtaining secret knowledge, turn to the ancient demon Astaroth. Astaroth can help you discover much of the hidden past, present and future events in your own life (microcosm) and the entire Universe (macrocosm).

FURCAS – My favorite demon of knowledge. Furcas can transform you into an intellectual powerhouse by improving your ability and desire to read, study and learn. I’ve devoured hundreds of books thanks to the passion for learning invigorated by this seldom mentioned Knight of Hell.