African Goddess Rising

African Goddess Rising is a New and Empowering Oracle I just purchased, I love this deck, its straight forward and simple. This afternoon I decided to stop at “In and Out” for a Burger, as I was going to pay the cashier, he said the guy in front of me paid my bill. I was like, why? I don’t know him. I was in the drive up and frankly I wasn’t comfortable with a stranger paying my bill.  Most people would just accept this and move on, but I’ve experienced this situation in the past and it turned out with the other person expecting something in return. Since I’m dealing with a kid at the window, he was slow and the guy drove off. I didn’t accept the gift as I paid my own bill and then I realized something I read in African Goddess. MAAT EYPTIAN GOD

Yesterday morning I did a one card draw which is “MAAT” GIVING AND RECEIVING! The card expressed I need to reset my harmonic balance, because it’s out of alignment. If I choose to “receive without giving”, I’m selfish!  Yet if I “give without receiving”, I’m a “martydom” which means, ” the death or suffering of a martyr.” Doesn’t sound too good, does it? I feel like I’m always getting the shit end of the stick in life. I guess the universe has its unusual and creative ways of providing when we least expect it. Or just testing us when we least expect it!

And this is the kicker of the whole event, it was a black guy driving a white van, that had a label on his van, as if he worked for an organization named, “The Lord of the Disciples”.  Crazy…I couldn’t help but reflect this mornings draw and realized this is the test..the Divine is sending. I need to work on my feelings and let my guard down just a bit or at least find a way to balance my harmonic self.