Apology on Vampire Forum

I subscribed to Vampire Forum several months ago but haven’t had the chance to participate and just as I was going to login I noticed an email with an apology to ‘PRIMAL CRAFT”, that was gracious of this person admitting how she was taken in by Yuri and Mason, however it’s also interesting that Mark did the same thing to me, that those two people did to him.  Let me explain, first I don’t know anyone personally, not even Mark, I purchased his books and exchanged a few emails. One mistake I made was getting to personal with him when my man died. I won’t make that mistake again, but whatever. the many times we exchanged emails, Mark was sincere and seemed to be fairly upfront,. Yet he is a typical Capricorn like myself who can be hard and brash to the point of lying or maybe exaggerating his feelings, is this a nicer way of putting it?

However, I once asked Mark, why Oralee Stewart would tattoo 666 on her fingers? I would glance at her videos once in a while (not a devoted fan or follower).  Mark goes into this whole story about her and Yuri, and what this guy did to another person. Yeah, I see what it is, but I don’t want to hear about it.apology to mark smith from vampire forum

He warned me to stay away from them because of Yuri’s bad behavior. Considering this guy’s confused nature of what he thinks he is and Oralee enabling it, I have no doubt there is SHIT THERE!!  I don’t care though. It has nothing to do with me, but thanks for the warning!!!  Soon after that this guy from the PRIMAL CRAFT Facebook channel, contacts me.  Of course it was a trap, I know that now, he works or knows Mark. He was leading me on, the next thing I know Mark starts sending emails threatening me, with the police coming to my home, with my life. He starts talking all kinds of shit, flooding me with emails, which I ignored and soon blocked him altogether. Then mother Rose Smith, wife whatever, she is to him, starts doing the same thing. Again she was blocked.

Both of them go out of their way to harass me online and contact my hosting company which I have copies of all emails, and lying to them that I am “illegally linking” to another website. There is no such thing of this, which is “STUPID” and very immature.  All because Mark wants to accuse my book review  videos from what I purchased, calling them “copyrights”, yeah okay that makes sense. I did however use the image of Queen of Hell and place it on my site, so what, it’s a nice image, plus its already all over the net. I never said it was mine, your name was clearly expressed numerous times. I took credit for nothing!

All Mark had to do was ask nice, Lydia, just change it or remove it….etc….not start lying and talking shit, then he gets another douche bag guy to start threatening me, so see, Rhea, Mark is not an innocent. I’m not saying Yuri and Mason are right, their not, but all of these people are always fighting with each other and then they drag other people into their shit, to side up. I was only interested in the work, I don’t give a fuck about all the personal bullshit. 

I know, the work is questionable no matter who writes the Grimoires. As I have discovered, the only reason Mark can pass these test in his books, ‘its because he wrote them and structured the foundation. He never speaks about mistakes he’s made or negative outcomes he had in his life, like Mason does. And it will happen to anyone who goes down that road. The writing is thrilling and unique, but not one fucken person understands how to structure the rituals to perform them and if they did, what is wrong with talking about it? What’s wrong with discussing the contents of a book?

Be real here, you too Mark have taken much of pre-written ceremonial magick from previous occultists and all elements from other literature and copy righted too, you’ve changed things up a bit, but most of the work you write about, has already been discovered and written about.  Michael Ford did the same thing in the “Serpentine”.

I’m sure you have experienced much in addition to the foundation of ceremonial magic, and Satanism, but the layout is all the same and the “trident” is a substitute for the “three evils”.  It’s so obvious to me now. At least in the Queen of Hell book. Many of the rituals and concepts are archaic and have previously been written about.  No one can write a book without being influenced from previous writers. However, for these books, you must be advanced, and in many areas like astral travel. to get the full experience, if your not and try it as a beginner, just make sure to write out your will, just in case.

What I found to be bothersome the most Mark, goes out of his way, to lie to everyone, how I hangout with “TRANSEXUALS”. Now that is a FUCKEN LIE!!!  First I don’t hang out with anyone, what is this, the fucken tenth grade?  If I did hangout, it wouldn’t be with transexuals that’s for sure, I don’t approve of gay people at all, nor will I support the Gay community. I am a heterosexual female, and I am biased, in my eyes transexuals isn’t natural. Man and woman were designed the way they are for a reason? Funny, he would lie about that since he did admit to me there are a handful of tranny’s in the “PRIMAL CRAFT COVEN”.

So I don’t give a flying fuck about some sick asshole who was born male, pretending to be a female. He or It can try to be, all it wants, you will never be a fucken WOMAN YURI.. And for the record you STUPID HETEROSEXUAL men don’t know a fucken thing or understand heterosexual women at all!!!  So let me be clear on that! You men want to be understood by women!!!!

Let me just add one last thing, it’s fucken pathetic, that Mark needs to talk shit and gossip with that FAG Larry from Miskatonic Books, which is none of your business, stay the fuck out of other people affairs?  Larry is a bitch, if he can’t be man enough to keep an agreement with someone, he shouldn’t make them. If I had a big DICK between my legs he would have, because that is the way you immature men are!!!! Inconsiderate when it comes to women and what we ask for, but hey, your buddy who strokes your dick no problem!!! And then your gossiping and deliberately antagonizes  me in emails, grow up!

So to, Rhea Kaye or Sarah Angelique.  It’s very gracious of you to apologies, but Mark is human, who did the same thing, he makes mistakes, we all do, he’s not perfect, not even close, he just needs to grow up like most males!!! Let me add some icing to the cake, if you think Mark I was copy righting, I apologize too babe… kisses. I would suck you off, but your too far away!!!!😜