Left Hand Path

Black magick

 Black Magick is not Evil, It wards off bad Energy and Low Vibrations. Humans have the mindset of believing “black magick” is only evil. Frankly that’s ignorant thinking, however if you think evil thoughts, that’s on you. Yes I am sure everyone is guilty of wicked thoughts, considering humans struggle to be good. Or is that all humans have both bad and good attributes? I personally view witches who claim to be only good, “white witches” in regards to racism. Because it’s usually white girls who make this claim. Truth be told black magick can be used to stop or change horrible events from happening or changing a person from acting out or against you. Binding them.

Not all black magick is negative, it’s just more intense because as witches, you dig deeper into the realms of the unknown and work with forces to confront your shadow. It’s best to align yourself with the divine and understand all aspects of this life. Let me just say this, there is enough evil in this world coming from people who control the wealth and own the corporations, killing and creating wars. You only need black magick in hopes to stop it.

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execration magick

Execration Magick is basically cursing people. Cursing other’s with rituals, stones and using herbs and other tools you may have on hand. Of course there are ethics, to this type of magick and some people might choose to follow the wiccan three fold laws. I personally don’t. Cursing does take a great deal of time and emotions, but it can be healthy for you. It helps to release anger, but execration magick should be used sparingly and not over petty situations or common jealousy.

Sometimes the power of words alone can be enough if the emotion is high and anger is fueling your soul. I know my words have had a great deal of power and I never really thought about once the feelings shifted and faded out. For example I wished this bitch to catch a disease because of her racist attitude mocking me in my own home. Two years later she ended up with HIV. However maybe it was just her bad luck of being to sexually flagrant or her recreational drug use.  I don’t fucken care.

 If you choose to curse someone just be responsible and don’t think twice about it once your done with it, let it go. Don’t go around feeling guilty, if you do, you’ve  fucked yourself.

The Underworld



Lord Lucifer, mighty King who reins the position of DAATH. Lord of Thaumiel. The son and brother of Goddess Hecate. Light bearer to the universe of man. You are the key to Liberation. I stand before you my dark angel and ask you to share with me the secrets of the world. Let me see through your eyes so I may understand the secrets to the other side. The secrets of knowledge.

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Witch of the North has a taste for the Dark Arts and an expression of personal experiences I’ve had with
unknown Spirits and Bizarre events. From the moment I spoke the name of Marbas, spirits came right into my space. I have experienced, wolves howling from distance, knocks at my bedroom door, when I was alone. Spirits entering my body and sexual Incubus holding me down while in a trans state of mind. I merely spoke the name of Marbas from the Goetia without any effort or rituals, yet the energy was so profound I was nearly crippled with fear. Now I have grown fond of the experiences and the feeling they provide. I have and welcomed my friends. I only want to see through their eyes and know the mysteries of the world.

the abyss

The legendary Abyss stretching between the lower seven Sephiroth and the higher three. The most obvious entrance to the Nightside is via the “fallen” Sephiroth of Daath in the heart of the Abyss. The nonexistence of Daath locates it solidly within the negative universe of the Qlippoth yet its palpable “missing” nature on the Tree of Life marks it as a doorway from being to non-being. If this entry is one you choose to experience, be warned it could shake the very core of your existence and what you think is real, or not. Either way I’m sure it will leave you with memories you will never forget.

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