Dominating Using Anal Penetration

When dreams or premonitions take place it’s not always easy to fully understand the lesson, and array of events that might take place before we can fully perceive it’s meaning or warning.

Recently I read, if a person “ignores you” or “rejects you” also by ignoring you, it’s because he can’t afford anything expensive. This came after our blow out when I tried to communicate to clear the air. It only proves how immature and stupid he really is. The cycle of this lesson is complete and has come to an end. I have to accept that and move forward.

My goals and standards have shifted. All this time I have listened to numerous Tarot readings and for the most part only a few were true and pertained to my personal situation.  These messages were of a toxic family, confusion and chaos being caused, games people play and Michael was up front to tell me. ” I wasn’t going to use him, he was going to use Me”, yeah okay if I let you.

The argument ended abruptly with one final blow out when he pulled my hair and his lame excuse was, he is scared of me. That I don’t believe, but what I do believe is, “what I am made of as a woman, intimidates him”. Michael is a coward in all and now has regret.  I never told him the dream, but spirit was speaking to me, that Michael has a dominate side of wanting to “fuck women up the ass”.  Now I understand the dream, I was being warned!!! This is why I had the anal feeling when I awoke from the dream. The entire time I was spending with this man, he was using my feelings for him against me to obtain “anal domination”, sexually.

He simply said, if I loved him I will bend to his will and do this act. Hmmm………, I never said I loved him, but I had a soft spot for him (past tense). This act is only to dominate me so he can feel superior. This never happened, but I am grateful for my spirit guides showing me the truth. I still don’t understand why his fathers face was the main focal point of the dream, maybe it’s my sub-conscious.  The many Tarot Readings helped to guide me. During this time it was expressed, Michael had a “wish fulfillment”, interesting, maybe that was his wish, which NEVER was fulfilled, but a cold ending of a Slap in the Face.

There was  something else that occurred I had placed an ad for work on Craigslist and 666 was the number represented in the url. Prior to our blow out again the numbers 666 on a car plate were in front of me when I was driving. Now I understand what Mark Smith means abut the number and it can be relevant to events that will happen before they happen.

The number does represent my path, it comes to me as a warning, but it’s up to me how I navigate the outcome and sometimes the out come is not as pleasant as it should be. It’s nothing to fear because Spirit is guiding me and this lesson was meant to happen, but now that it has ended I am grateful for the understanding, wisdom I was given and the protection of my spirit guides.