Andras Goetic Spirit

Andras can help you defeat a group of people whom you consider your enemies. He can create arguments mistrust and enemies for purposes of divide and conquer. Andras can help in astral travel and transformation. Is Goddess of luxury and ease. Obtains friendships.

Andras Great Marquis 63rd Spirit

Andromalius Goetic Spirit

Andromalius will assist in binding spells against those who are using you in some way. He will make your enemies or anyone with bad intentions fear you. Andromalius will show you who is honest and who you cannot trust. Can discover stolen goods and bring back a thief.

Andromalius Mighty Earl 72nd Spirit

Andrealphas Goetic Spirit

Andrealphus will help you improve your learning ability and retain the knowledge learned to use toward a profession If you need help understanding knowledge you have learned when it comes time to use it, call him to assist with this as well. Can transform into a bird.

Andrealphus Great Marquis 65th Spirit

Goetic Spirit Asmoday

Asmoday a King of the daemons of lust and pleasure. Asmoday can bring people together by increasing libido in men and woman or he can break them up at the will of the sorcerer. Asmoday can cause arguments among people and have them argue and turn against each other.

Asmoday Great King 32nd Spirit

Astaroth Goetic Spirit

Astaroth can help you figure out what you really want to do with your life. Astaroth can give you practical solutions and insight to your complex problems. Astaroth is a spirit of creativity and can help you unleash your creative side onto the world shamelessly.

Astaroth Mighty Duke 29th Spirit

Bael Goetic Spirit

Bael is a GateKeeper and God of the Skywho can manipulate the weather. Bael bestows invisibility  upon those who call him. Bael can help cure illness especially mental illness. Bael can hide you from the law or keep secrets for you. 1st Principal of Goetia.

 King Bael ruling the East

Agares Goetic Spirit

If you need help expressing yourself about something important to someone. Agares will help you with bring someone back home. Agares can cause someone to lose their position, public honor and the respect of other people. He teaches all languages and tongues.

 Agares Duke 2nd Spirit of the East

AIM Goetic Spirit

AIM can give you courage and a “chill pill” in stressful situations, so you can think clearly and act in a sensible manner. AIM can be used in baneful magick and is said to spread destruction by burning down buildings or entire cities. Brings out the Genius in you.

Aim A Great Duke 23rd Spirit

Goetia Spirit Alloces

Alloces gives wisdom when asked which path or project will be successful. Alloces can make a wise man ignorant and give you the ability to read the emotions of others. Alloces can be summoned to seek revenge on secret enemies making them paranoid.

Alloces Great Duke 52nd Spirit


Skilled in music and can inspire a grand performance. He can assist with having someone bend to your will. he can teach nature magick, will guide in dreams, knows ancient wisdom, gives excellent familiars. Make someone lose their will. He will play trumpets from a far. And other musical instruments to be heard.

Amdusias Great Duke 67th Spirit

Goetia Spirit AMY

AMY is all knowing in Astrology and Liberal Sciences. He giveth good familiars and can beway Treasures that is kept by Spirits.Can shift your perception to sources of wealth you may have otherwise overlooked. Amy will detect if another is working magick on you. Shifts your confidence.

AMY President 58th Spirit


Amon can cause friends to fight or make-up answers questions about the future and your role in it. Amon can defend you as a werewolf spirit who may appear to you in your dreams. Amon can align your conscious and subconscious. He teaches astral projection. Associated with the Dark aspect of Lucifer.

Amon Great Marquis 70th Spirit

Goetic Spirits of Solomon are Adversarial Spirits to the 72 Angels of God. Goetic Spirits are not evil demons, but spirits providing man with knowledge. The most powerful forces of the Universe are the Dark Forces of Goetia  brooding  among the  Abyss  and within our universe. The 72 names of  Goetia Spirits , correspond to the 72 names of God. Originally they were spoken of in the Quran  from King Solomon, these Dark Forces of Goetia can grant men arts, familiars,wealth, cursing, earthquakes, shape shifting, mental illness and many other talents can be found when binding the corresponding Angel.