Hekate the Great Titan and Goddess

Hekate a Queen to the Universe to many. A Queen of the Underworld who has immense power. Many have written about her, yet there hasn’t been anyone sorcerer I have read that has described her power, her energy, or the feeling of the current she is made of. Hekate is a very powerful current, and has many children, some who are of true sacrifice, others who make false claims thinking they are, but have never sacrificed themselves to the Great Queen. Hekate has been known to have existed before man fell from the garden. Beyond the Aeons of Time and Space, beyond Thaumiel and the Great Kether of the Universal Trees.

Mythologically Heka was believed to have existed from the time of creation and to have empowered the creation event so that the God Heka could likewise be seen as a creator god. For the Egyptians “Heka” or “Magic” was a divine force which existed in the universe like “power’ or “strength” and which could be personified in the form of the god Heka.

In the Egyptian Era there hasn’t been to much expressed about Hekate, in great literature’s but it’s implied the association of “Heka” could be the Hekate we know today.  There are some differences that instead of being referred to as a Queen (mother) Heka is being referred to as male. Either way Heka or Hekate are both viewed as the source of power within creation and the true source of the Atlantean past. Its through Hekate you can obtain true power yourself as a human and know some of those secrets of creation that most don’t know. True power though comes with a price.

Now what I am about to share with you are a couple of different ways you can begin a relationship to work with the Queen of Hell, Heaven and Earth. These two ways will be from mild to extreme it really depends on you, of how deep you want to get into the sacrifice or mere relationship of Hekate. Lets begin with the mild version of how to start worshiping the Goddess of Power. This work comes from two different occult groups. I’m just introducing the work because most people have a hard time of where to begin and also the more extreme can be complicated to understand, plus the material is not public for the extreme rituals.

The 1st worship of Hekate is done 3 times during a month, and you can perform this every month if you wish, but its a foundation to start building a relationship with the Queen of Hell. The first ritual will be during a FULL MOON the 2nd is the LAST QUARTER (if it doesn’t fall use WAXING). The 3rd is the NEW MOON. Its best done outside at the CROSSROADS, but if you can’t, in your personal space is fine. You may reverse the order of the cycles to New Moon, Last Quarter and Full Moon.

Set up an ALTAR with all her favorites ROSES, SANDLEWOOD INCENSE, SIGIL and preparation for a dinner or a few treats (I want to add something very important, blood and sexual fluids for the Sigil will empower this ritual with the great QUEEN. In between these days of cycles of the moon there are morning and evening prayers you can meditate to. The Cauldron of HeKate. One last piece of advice everyday you spend with the Queen write it down, this experience is valuable. No one as I said before has ever spoken of Hekate’s true current, her vibration and how she makes you feel personally.

Now the 2nd Ritual you can try, its more time consuming and intense, now keep in mind you can choose either ritual or do both, its up to you, but if worshiping Hekate is new, try the first one, then move on to the more intense ritual. You can later delve into the Queens evocations of immense power later.

Now this particular dedication has so much more because it involves creating the circle and the triangle.  It’s a very descriptive book with the involvement of Lucifer and Belial. I have one important piece of advice try the EVOCATION first and stay focused on that until you move forward with any other rituals in the book.  You will need all the same tools and you can have the altar too. You need to prepare in advance before the ritual because its more ceremonial. The circle and triangle have to be used so figure how to put it together, its very necessary.

All sigils and passages are in the book. Sexual fluids and Blood are very important too during this ritual, blood is life and death and its the gateway to bonding with Hekate.  Read the book QOH and prepare a month in advance, your going to need time to get everything together and made, make sure your alone and not disturbed at all, also record everyday you are worshiping this great Titan. Also you can add the 1st ritual to the 2nd ritual or recreate something of your own, but the circle, triangle, blood and sexual fluids are important and needed.

Remember this is too become a child of Hekate, you don’t have to sell your soul, only trust the Great Queen to using it to begin the process of gaining power and the knowledge most humans don’t know. Good Luck.