Is Occultism Bad?

Is Occultism Bad? Maybe if the person who always has malicious intentions using Occultism as their vice? These malicious intentions are everywhere today. I live at a place where the gossip and slandering of tenants runs high. Recently I have been threatened and bullied only because I voiced myself, which has now gotten out of hand.  What I find bothersome is how fucked up and nasty the other tenants have become, maintenance who works on the grounds, the staff and their family members (who live here too, because mommy is a leasing manager).  However Acacia Capital owns this property and encourages it, they themselves are “Freemasons”. I noticed on the website it had a “V” which is part of Lucifer’s symbol, (it represents his horns) of course not to give themselves away is the reason the entire seal was not shown. I made a mistake mentioning it to another neighbor whom turned out to be a “back stabber”. And this black bitch decided to tell everyone so it gets back to Acacia, because of course they have their “rats”. Now as you see the site, they are exemplifying the A on the website, which looks like an upside down “V”.ACACIA CAPITALnbsp- MagickPower

Acacia has many partners using the same word, but all with the same mindset of “raping tenants financially” being abusive and at the same time expanding their portfolio. Of course all the abuse and mistreatment towards tenants is filtered down for the rest of the “klu klux klan” to do their dirty business of harassing people who pay high rents, Koreans who can’t speak a word of English and the elderly who are easy to manipulate.  In Los Angeles a Moratorium is in effect “rents can’t be raised” and “evictions” can’t occur until January 2022.  It doesn’t matter to Acacia (having a thorny reputation of being malicious).  They are stealing monies anyway from tenants as some of my neighbors volunteered and told me. The moratorium means nothing and no one is defending the tenants.UPSIDE DOWN 666nbsp- MagickPower

If anyone complains about anything as a tenant retaliation will begin and constant harassment from maintenance. As I was saying it’s everywhere, Occultism, in the military, hospitals, schools, all false Government, organizations of all types, law enforcement, Also the church, yes it is. If people in the church were so great and kind, then why don’t help people like they should? Their not, their rotten as hell and just as fucked up and greedy.

Left Hand Path has the mindset to deepen the fall, this is why Asenath Mason prefers to express her denial of all Entertainment Business and Government they are NOT Satanist, I wouldn’t know, but that Whore QUEEN ELIZABETH very much practices witchcraft. It’s also in the court room. Seals and Symbols are everywhere, but people have abused everything and I mean everything. Open Your Eyes and See.

Occultism is bad and extremely evil when the man who is evil is doing all he or she can to destroy lives, abuse the human race, kill the masses and steal the land so no one else can live on it. Ruin the atmosphere and rape the earth of its reason for being here. I’ll be glad when the world ends, as the false powers who claim to be Olympians, is out of control and filled with violence, hate all in the name of GREED!!!