Who Is the Great Belial?

King Belial is the child of Hecate and Lucifer. The Great Crown Prince and the third Demon Goddess of the Witches Trident. The Lord of the Forest is the Lord of the Earth, the Horned Hooded Lord of Life, the Black Hooded Lord of Death. You are Lord of the Forest now, He who holds the Key to the Books of Belial and whose soul flows with the power of the Seven Dragons who form the Seven Beasts of the Forests. ` Belial

“Know that when you open the temple with the Power of my Godhead you conjoin with all Temples of the Trident, Four Pillars of Fire and all Thrones of the Gods” ` Lucifer



Curse of Belial


Through Gateways Of Blood, In Which The Essence; Of The Pure Witch Blood Soul Of One; Who Wears The Crown Of The Great Prince Of This World; I Call The Devil In Malice and Bane;

With Life Offered For Life At the Heart Of Midnight; I Make The Pact Of Agonizing Death;As I cast The Black Shadow Of Belial; Upon The Accursed Enemy Of Mine; With The Breath Of Flame In Soul Agony And Pain;Let the Lord Of Fire Rip The Flesh To Claim The Soul Within; As Here At The Gateway Of Blood

By The Light Of Lucifer’s Moon; I Place This Curse Of The Devil Upon He Whose Image; I Lay, In Death And Destruction, At the Feet of Belial; As Three Times In Accursed Wrath I Speak Thy Name!

The Crown Prince


The key, also known as the sword of Belial, is placed within the soul. The Crystalline Sword of Belial yields formula that opens the Book of the Devil’s Witchcraft, a grimoire of Belial and Lucifer as Lords of the Forest and the Dragons Body. Belial and Lucifer carry the soul down into the Devils Catacombs. The body of flesh is engaged in deep, powerful sexual communion by Sepheranz and Hecate. The Great Lord Of Ascending Flame

Blessed is the Sacrificial Offering; Unto The Great Lords of the Four Flames; Of The Body Of Shinh That Is Born; Of The Immortal Triple- Tongued Fire Spirit Of The Soul Of Man; Unto the Gods of the Trident Who Grant; The Sacred Knowledge And Path Of The Flames Of Ascension That Open the Way; To The Ancient Power Of Life In Your Name, Great Witch Goddess; I unleash the Blood Of the First Father; Upon The Body Of The Dark Sabbat God; And across the Skull of Man In Which; The Gate of Lucifer Fire Opens Wide; Through The Immortal Demon Soul Of The Dammed; The Fire Of The First Father Pours

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Devils crystal key

The Book of the Devil’s Witchcraft, a grimoire of Belial and Lucifer as Lords of the Forest and the Dragon’s Body. The Witchflame Goddess stands at the many gateways which must be transgressed in order to reach the Throne of Belial in the bowels of the earth. Pthways to the Crystal Gate, which opens as a sphere of crystalline energy emanating from the Heart of Belial at the temple vortex centre, reach into the body of flesh, drawing the soul deeper into the earth.

The sexual kalas radiated from all beings in this act are further ignited by the Black Flame of the Atlantean Way of limitless primal power. When the Gateway to the Devil’s throne is opened, this gate manifests the Devil’s Throne within the physical temple, revealing knowledge which may be used to unlock and explore the CataCombs of Belial.

Mark Allen Smith

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