Lilith Queen Of the Night, The Sucubi

Lilith Queen Of the Night as many refer to her as, among many other faces, but does anyone  really know this demon goddess? I can only think of, Karl Steiger. I have to admit I was taken in by his story of Lilith and how he experienced her in full possession. Steiger was fortunate to find such an amazing antique in the bookstore, such a rare find, just knowing it traveled thousands of miles until it fell in his hands. If there wasn’t truth to Lilith, then how would a demon goddess be spoken of for thousands of years and still lay in the heart of men?  In this last week I was watching late night horror movies and came across a B rated low budget film based on Lilith the Sucubi. The ending is not what I expected, but it made sense to be rid of her since Lilith depends on sexual kalas. It’s hard for many people to believe why spirits of different natures want sex from humans, why not? Isn’t that what humans live for?  It’s a way to keep millions of people corrupt and weak, especially males. LILITH QUEEN OF THE NIGHT SUCCUBUS

In much of the literature, Lilith has her younger manifestations visit the men who are alone and desire lust, because they are vulnerable, its only natural to want skin on skin. If your a male who is older of course you would desire a young female, something about older men perversion sets in. It’s less intimidating than a mature woman to satisfy your desires, but Lilith comes with a price, just as she did with Steiger, but then everything in life does come with a price. Doesn’t it? How many times have you desired a Sucubi in your bed? So if you find yourself speaking Lilith’s name be careful she might just hear you and visit you one night.