PRINCE Lucifer




Queen mother to lucifer

To maintain the balance of power that is released upon the path of the flame affirmations of your soul path must be performed upon the first dark moon after the Rite of the Masks of the Horned God Lucifer. This marks you as forever belonging to Hecate and grants you protection and empowerment from the Trident when your soul is released to the depths of the Atlantean realms to pursue the path of Divinity.

Your not selling your soul, your granting it to Hecate, entrusting it to the Dark Queen and seeking her guidance as you request from Her a Throne in the divine realms of the ancient and eternal WitchGods. You are calling for Forbidden Gnosis to be released and that all ancient, sealed and hidden gateways which lead to the realms of the Atlantean Gods; the Universe that is forever sealed from man; be opened to allow you to undertake the test of the self in the depths.




My Beloved Son



 Gateway of Souls

The power of the Gateway of Souls is revealed to grant understanding of the Worlds Soul, its destiny and the power of the Gods. Lucifer is Lord of the Cosmic Gates of Power and Master of the Gate of all Souls. The Gate of all Souls is a Universal Portal created by Hecate. It is shown to all newly created and ascended Gods granting them a connection to its power. Once seen they may not return to the Gate without Lucifer to guide them.

The Gods of each realm relay gnosis of their respective worlds through their connection to the Gate. This is the process through which the worlds soul of each individual realm is weighed. This gnosis is conveyed to Hecate. The Gate of Souls lie beyond the Throne of the Dark Queen in the distant void shrouded from all but the greatest Seven Elder Gods. Only Hecate may view the Gate alone.

The highest and greatest of Gods must pass through the Gate undergoing their own transmutations to be empowered by its energies. Only seven have transcended through this portal under the will of Hecate. The Gate of all Souls is that in which the World Soul of Atlantis was weighed before the decision to earth the currents of destruction was made. It is Lucifer’s role to weigh the Worlds Soul. Three Hundred and Forty – Six years the Souls will be weighed.




The Red King Lucifernbsp- MagickPower




guardian of daath

“Lucifer as the Light Bringer, is the WitchGod who brings Knowledge Of change unto man. He is the Lord of the Universe in this Age”. ~ Hecate

The single drop of blood upon the Earth where each world is buried is the seal of the first Father through which Lucifer will ignite the microcosmic Tree, opening the Gateways within. The Gateways of the Tree and it’s interconnecting paths maybe accessed one full lunar cycle from the time at which the last drop of blooded was seeded into the earth. The tree of power that you have created should be over looked by the Gateways of the Demon Princes energy is crossed and conjoined, the axis of the cast circle, should sit within the centre point of the DAATH sphere on the Tree.

The Tree becomes the living body of Lucifer. It’s power conjoined to your soul through the offerings of Witchblood and Sexual fluid given in it’s creation; allows you to travel, your being encased by the body of the Tree itself, to all realms of this universe from within this temple.

SEAL OF LUCIFERnbsp- MagickPower