PRINCE Lucifer




Queen mother to lucifer

Hecate is  most favored among the human race and as “ancient one” compared to most Gods, (before the race of man) no one is sure exactly when the first race of man began to worship this great Titan. Some believe she is of Greek origin, as she appears in Greek Mythology and art sculptures. Yet within the Ugarit culture, there has been some evidence of Hecate’s existence she was worshiped. 

During this time, the Greeks, Egyptians and Canaanite all lived, worked and traded business together. It was believed all worshipped her during this time. Now in modern times she is highly viewed as a the ruler and Queen of Witchcraft, a multi faced goddess. Her vibration can match a humans vibration, so we may approach her.

I am yet to see her in full manifestation, but her green color has manifested in the air, during times of personal rituals I conducted, she let me know of her presence. Her wisdom is unmeasurable as she knows the heart of every man. To invoke her is the only way to know her power and feel her energy. My personal relationship with her, is of pure devotion and love. I consider Hekate as my “spiritual mother”.




My Beloved Son




Many stories have been told of Lucifer of how he once was and how he became. Too many that I have been confused to what is true and what is not? One of my favorite versions is in Liber Lilith how he was described as the first Archon. The first child to the Holy Divine spirit. Maybe it’s true and he saw himself as the only God. The story goes on to express, that Adam was created from a different source, but he was lead to believe Samael was his only father (GOD) to answer too. This version is original in Lost Scriptures.

Then there is another version that Hecate created Lucifer from her flesh making him the Light Bearer as she remained dark. Another story the Holy Divine spirit created this Angelic being of beauty and light until he betrayed the Holy Spirit. Either way, these versions come down to the same end result of how he is the father of lies, the destroyer. The Satan that destroys man. Maybe he is, but either way, no one is destroying more lives than man himself, so I doubt man needs any help from this dark prince. What if everyone is wrong?

If all the versions of Lucifer being Satan, the Devil himself are just that, versions of a different perception. I don’t doubt he is real, he is at least to me, but maybe he is both, the Creator and Destroyer. Maybe he has given man the chance to be Good or the chance to Rebel, maybe we are all living a lie, in sin. It really doesn’t matter as our lives are so short and we will die. What matter’s right now, is how we live, the rest no one can do anything about it.




The Red King Lucifer




guardian of daath

“Lucifer as the Light Bearer”, is the one dark angel man is yet to understand. As most people are not brave enough to invoke this Dark Lord. What I find amusing is how people will be in more fear of a spirit they can’t control and yet less willing to react or do anything about to a politician who is out of control killing innocent children and families.

The Light Bearer, might be the Devil, I don’t know? I am yet to see his face other than in my dream. Maybe his beauty is a trick or manipulation, but so can a bad date on a Saturday night. Lucifer is not the one running the banking system, he is not the one committing war and the killing of innocent children locked up in shelters (that was Trump). Lucifer is not the one blowing up space ships into the atmosphere. Or endorsing slavery.

Maybe the problem with man is, he is to IGNORANT to want to know the truth, so the lies are more entertaining bedtime story. Maybe the problem with man is, man himself and his greed and lust for false power. Man has evil in his heart and is the predator at large who is a child molester and murder, not Lucifer.