Cycles of the Moon

Cycles of The Moon

The Eight Lunation Phases  

 I.      Dark Dawning 
 At the New Phase, the flow of solar-lunar energy emerges, initiates and projects the seed impulse in an instinctive and subjective manner that will fulfill and complete a purpose as the remaining cycle unfolds. In the absence of light, the vision is felt, not seen. The symbolic seed germinates underground.

  • Moon rises at dawn, sets at sunset
  • Moon is 0-45 degrees ahead of the Sun
  • Up to 3½ days after official New Moon

II.      Light Quickening 
At the Crescent Phase, the life impulse encounters a challenge as it must struggle away from the inertia of the past cycle, mobilizing its energy and resources and moving forward. As the light is stirring, first glimpses of the vision may be perceived. The symbolic seed breaks out of its seed casing and pushes its first shoots above ground.

  • Moon rises mid-morning, sets after sunset in the western sky
  • Moon is 45-90 degrees ahead of the Sun
  • Between 3½ and 7 days after New Moon

 III.      Light and Dark in Balance, Light Ascending
At the First-Quarter Phase, the life force must firmly establish itself in its environment and take direct action to build the organic structure that is to become the vehicle for the life purpose. With the light gaining, the structural outline of what is to be comes into form. The symbolic seed establishes its root and stem structure.

  • Moon rises at noon, sets at midnight
  • Moon is 90-135 degrees ahead of the Sun
  • Between 7-10½ days after New Moon

 IV.      Light Dominant 
The Gibbous Phase necessitates analyzing whatever was developed in the previous phase, and perfecting the form so that it can operate efficiently and effectively. As the light becomes dominant, there is a questing for revelation. The symbolic buds.

  • Moon rises at mid-afternoon, sets around 3 AM
  • Moon is 135-180 degrees ahead of the Sun
  • Between 10½ and 14 days after New Moon

 V.      Light Peaks 
The Full Phase is the flowering of the cycle when the meaning of the life purpose is revealed and must be infused into the structures built during the waxing half of the process. If the form is inadequate to contain the meaning, or the meaning is not worthy of the form, there can occur a breakdown, abortion, or dissolution of the life impulse at this point. This is the peak of the light and total illumination of the vision is the promise of this phase. The symbolic seed flowers.

  • Moon rises at sunset, sets at dawn
  • Moon is 180-135 degrees behind the Sun
  • 15 days after New Moon

VI.      First Stirring of Dark 
The Disseminating Phase corresponds to the fruition of the cycle. The seed germinated at the New Moon has now become what it was meant to be. The life impulse must fulfill its purpose by distributing the energy and disseminating the meaning. With the first stirrings of darkness, there becomes an urgency to live out and share the value of the meaning. The symbolic seed fruits.

  • Moon rises at mid-evening, sets at mid-morning
  • Moon is 135-90 degrees behind the Sun
  • Between 3½ -7 days after Full Moon

 VII.      Light and Dark in Balance, Dark Gaining 
At the Last-Quarter Phase, the life impulse has completed its mission and now begins to reorient to a dimly intuited future. Rebellion against old patterns and breakdown of old useless forms characterizes an inner revolt and crisis in consciousness. The dark becomes increasingly dominant as the life force turns away, diminishes, and composts the old. The symbolic seed withers on the vine and decomposes.

  • Moon rises at midnight and sets a noon
  • Moon is 90-45 degrees behind the Sun
  • Between 7-10½ days after Full Moon

VIII.      Depth of Dark 
 At the Balsamic Phase, the life impulse distills and concentrates the wisdom of the entire cycle into a capsule of seed ideas for future visions. During the dark of the moon, the life force transforms the past into a mutation of the future and makes a commitment of seeding new concepts within old structures. The symbolic seed once again turns back into itself.

  • Moon rises at 3 AM and sets at mid-afternoon
  • Moon is 45-0 degrees behind the Sun
  • Between 10 ½ days after Full Moon up until the next New Moon