Occult Books and Accessories

Occult Books and Accessories in the last many years have been on the top of many new age and old age witches list of buying and selling. Frankly I am done. I’ve done my own share of impulsive buying and I need to stop now!  Just recently I made a purchase on Etsy platform of the following Hekate Wheel and it looked worth buying in the photos than it did when I received it. The customer service was excellent and shipping was fast, but it wasn’t worth $50 dollars. The wood alone was probably $10 dollars or less depending on where he bought it.  Wood doesn’t cost that much. How he engraved the seal I’d like to know his secret, but what I am paying for on goods these days, is not worth the money. I am noticing much of my money is going out the window. I don’t have many bills. I paid off my car, but my rent takes half of my income and food is fucken ridiculous to buy. Am I the only one who sees how the inflation supports the rich and keeps the rest of us in poverty?

Hekates WheelI realized after buying many books on occultism nothing was that different, just a different perspective, most of these books are on the same subjects. Plus many of the members are copying Mark Allen Smith’s work, just paraphrasing it differently, it’s so obvious. (BALG)

As I’ve purchased a handful of items from ‘Become a Living God” I realized these people are more posers than anything else. Their items are so over priced and very misleading 1) all items are listed on sale, it’s a trick 2) the book Mephistopheles on Etsy misleads you to think the dark chocolate book indicating a price of $79 dollars, is for sale, but the reality is, it was done on purpose being the leather book shown listed as $179 dollars. Since when is any book worth that kind of money?  Its paper and ink.  I questioned it and this is the bullshit I was told, (that Etsy made the mistake) yeah right, Etsy doesn’t list the vendors items in their store you do! MISLEADING BOOK PRICESBALG MISLEADING BOOK PRICES

Tarot cards I really love and got into this last year, but how many Tarot decks can one person use? And the prices are crazy what people are charging.  It’s like having too many kids, you can’t pay the same attention to all of them at once. I think right now I need to place my energy with a novel I have been writing and other projects I want to develop.  Instead of buying I need to start selling to create sustainable living. Speaking about living I was searching to move and everywhere I look the rent is $2000 in California for a 1 bdrm 600 square feet.  Most people can’t afford this.  The majority of society doesn’t realize how the cost of living squeezes the human race to depreciate so families can fall and people can collapse into nothing.  Add a few virus’s to the mix and the Elites are killing off as many humans as possible. This is how sadistic the elites really are.  I truly believe they enjoy killing people. It’s in man’s soul to MURDER!

Many of these platforms, people in society give too much credit too and far too much attention on, but it’s all apart of the plan to keep people distracted and distant from each other and only to communicate online while the “HATE” is funneled through social media. I no longer support most of these social networks, the only one I am still subscribed to is Pinterest and I don’t give it that much attention. It’s really only good if your running a business, otherwise it’s pointless.  People in society are generally followers, not leaders. What we see with our eyes, we naturally believe and it’s usually mis-leading.  For me personally it’s time to re-arrange how I am going to live, as it no longer serves me to stay in California.  Buying all these witch products is fun, but you really only need your soul and will to come in contact with the spiritual world.