Occult Streaming with Tarot Decks and Videos at MagickPower.net Tarot has been around for thousands of years, it speaks to me during my journey.  Everyone’s journey will be different for me it’s about transformation before death. However here on media I just enjoy sharing what I’m learning in the area of Witch Craft. Here I will display my videos on my website showing a variety of tarot, Witch Craft and my favorite Gods first.

The rest will have a link you can “click” on to view. My channel on Y Tube is still being displayed but it may not be one day. Now this website will be the dominate place showing my interests and passions to share the art of Witchcraft as I feel I shouldn’t have to restrict my thoughts or creativity. As my spiritual journey grows I will grow with it and share with all of you the spiritual experiences.  Focusing on the darker aspects of the craft is a preference because frankly this is where life and death have begun and where it will end. Your Support is Appreciated so I may continue to provide knowledge of the Craft PayPal Donations are Excepted

Witch Gods of Atlantean

Atlantean Prayer

In the Universe Of Man;
Between the Eden and Edom;
The hidden and Sacred Gateway;
Of The Gods To Both Of These Realms Is Shown;
By The Guardian Who Holds The Key;
To The Path Of The Stars;
And The Powers Of The Depths;
Belial, He Who Is Lord Of Many Names;
Holds The Trident To Guide The Souls Of Man;
At The Threshold Of The Gates of Midnight;
As He Who Accepts The Key To The Depths;
I Shall Open The Darkness Beyond The Edge;
Of The Lost Worlds Of The Universe Of Man;
To Enter The Realm Where Gods Are Born And Forged;
From The Souls Of Hecate’s Witch Kin.


Queen of Hell Heaven and Earth – Hekate

WitchGod of Atlantean Past

In the Steele of Creation it is implied that man was created by the First Father and the will of the Dark Mother with a gateway of the flesh and spirit of men and Gods. I believe Hecate is referenced here as the Dark Mother.

During the time of the Egyptians Hecate’s name is rarely mentioned, but it has been found. From my personal discovery the name HEKA is more common to be found.

It’s my own theory that Heka is Hekate, Heka was seen by the Egyptians as Divine Power of the Universe, my thoughts of Heka was viewed as the masculine aspect of creation during this time. Now Hecate is the feminine aspect.  She is the Dark Mother, Hekate is the Divine Power and Queen of all Witchcraft. Heaven, Hell and Earth, with Lucifer and Belial. Together they are the Witchcraft Trident and Lucifer will judge man’s soul 300 years from now the world will die.

Her scent is Sandalwood, her color is Green and her flower is the Rose.







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