Occultism Is Everywhere

Occultism is everywhere, just yesterday I was changing the channel on the News and CBS comes up with huge image of the golden bull.  Some idiot will spend thousands to have a golden bull statue made but “fuck the homeless” who cares about killing people. We live in a seriously fucked up and deranged society and what is really sad and horrible people just accept it like its all normal. I just don’t see it as for the better good of man. Let’s take the fake “royal family”, everyone believes and adores these liars. Frankly I hate these criminals and that is exactly what they are.


Diana and her boyfriend were murdered it’s so obvious, but no one did anything about it, just reported the speculations. These heinous criminals are not worried they have lied for so long, they believe they’re own bullshit, and they have the support of the public, which is really twisted since its that same group of criminals who keep people in poverty and stealing the world’s wealth. A Golden Bull is a golden ornament representing a seal, attached to a decree issued by Byzantine Emperors and later by monarchs in Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Brittan owns America, get it? This is why the Vatican is always in the White House, the idiot that sits in the oval office is NOBODY, he doesn’t call the shots, the Vatican does. USA has no power, its being controlled by Brittan.

These idiots have their own YTube channel, they brag about their lives and the health of the Queen as if these people have it so hard compared to everyone else. Who cares, I hope the old bitch dies, because if I have my own theory, the younger brothers and their wives won’t live up to anything, they will fail!  Everyone else is old and dying. Their monarchy won’t last. The sooner to be rid of them, the better.

Elizabeth is a commoner, like everyone else, (her position is a concept, she is not royalty).  The entire system was founded around the banking system, they have stolen nearly all the land and wealth. Anything of value such as stones and artifacts (Egyptian) anything from the past is hidden from all of us at the British Library refusing to allow people to see it or have it. They take everything not wanting anyone else to have or have knowledge to the sciences. Why do you think that horrible vampire family is so wealthy and the rest of the world is so poor?  Killing off people of color and indigenous, yet white men like Harry marrying his little Buckwheat!  Hypocrites!

Of course I’m sure it was weakness on his part, being male and weak to pussy, Markel made sure he would get her pregnant before the wedding. That little skank had her own agenda. Regardless, these inhuman assholes have ruined this world and the planet, no one gives a fuck about climate change, its a lie, they have another agenda, trust me. Their greed is excessive and abusive. We as a nation of people are enslaved and this corona virus is the last deadly venom to inject in us. German mentality is back in swing of “NEW WORLD ORDER”, just like the Germans did originally. The final screwball those idiots are British, but sometimes think their German:-(

We have not seen the last of it, this HUMAN RACE will END. What has finally convinced me of how rotten this fake royal family, they really are, when Phillip before he died wears all these metals and ranks of color on his uniform. As if this scumbag is some solider in the war, These racist white mother fuckers never did shit in war.


They’re cowards having everyone else kill for them. And that is all it is, killing innocent people! My father along with many men was in Vietnam and he had scars for life. He was in battle, as a Marine having to kill innocent people, because it’s white man’s war, because white people like murder!!!  It’s population control. Let me add one last rant, about the “IRON CROSS”, that scumbag wears, what it allegedly means “the highest German military decoration for bravery, instituted in 1813”.  Bravery? This mother fucker was never brave, I am so glad he is rotting in hell, never did he go to war. It’s bragging about the holocaust, yet these assholes are British. They’re lives and everything they claim or stand for is a lie and a betrayal. Rot in HELL!!!

I strongly believe the holocaust was to wipe out the Jewish people, because of CHRIST and realism of the entire universal system they came to understand. The tree of Life, Jewish Mysticism, everything the Jewish people lived by and wrote about. The Germans and the British wanted to claim it all for themselves. Fighting over wealth and land and using occultism to gain it all. Just like many of the families who founded the federal reserve claim to be “Assyrian bloodline, another lie”. Anyone can make up a story and sell it to the world!