Opening The Door

Opening the Door to the Dark-side is unpredictable and yet can draw you in to getting closer to the unknown. At least it did for me. Two years ago I found myself surfing the net and viewing occult websites and “left hand path” individuals books, videos watching how they practice everyday rituals. It had my attention but the “New Age” crap is a joke and I could see the difference of all talk and no real spiritual experience with energy, these girls had experienced in their personal lives. Especially if your trying to look like a vampire with Halloween make-up, its nor impressive or convincing! That being said, the so-called witch is only here to make sales on a niche, not to have real understanding of spiritualism.

It takes a life time to understand these energies and to experience real power or a glimpse of possession you will endure tests and mind fucking influences. Your either strong enough to handle it or not. Two years ago I spoke Marbas name on a dark moon after midnight. I was NOT conducting any rituals only spoke his name while doodling a photo. I can not begin to describe the feeling, how over whelming and strong this energy was in my face. As it appeared it knocked over my speakers on the desk I was sitting at and had me impenitent in my chair. I couldn’t move, at first I thought, is this real?  It lasted all of 2 to 3 minutes, which seemed long, soon after that event, I was experiencing many beings in my home, rubbing against me, in my dreams, sending messages through moths and this is what I learned.

  • When your vulnerable, spirits will show up and play games on your mind.
  • If your angry parasites will feed off those emotions and influence your mind to act out.
  • As a beginner not using a proper circle, you can be sexually attacked when sleeping.
  • Your emotions daily will give cause for spirits to hang around all the time, draining you.
  • When family or friends bring negative energy it will cause havoc in your life.
  • During these times the Divine (or universe) was speaking to me.  I listened.
  • Cleansed my house daily, took hot showers.
  • Began to meditate and speak to the universe asking for help and guidance.
  • Paid off debt and relocated (this doesn’t matter) it was a personal choice.
  • After I began to search for healing and redirected myself to Hecate things changed.
  • I spoke to Marbas asking for healing of my physical and emotional pain.
  • Witche’s Wisdom Tarot helped me to heal with the Divine spirit.
  • Working on Aligning with the Divine is important. I still praise Lucifer, but I do not close myself off to the holy father or celestial angels because all are apart of creation.
  • I made a choice as Hecate to be my Divine Mother and I praise her always.
  • Being a Capricorn with Binah and Devil Tarot card being associated opens the door easily.

Of course I am still learning, but I’ve realized it’s all apart of creation, people say pick a side, you can’t praise both God’s, maybe not, but its worth understanding both Gods and this universe. Understanding ancient ways of the Gods that are important, where true Witchcraft has originated. As for LHP people I enjoy reading their books, but they too are here to make a buck and go down in history, never really speaking about to many physical experiences.  LHP cult has a different perspective than those who just practice witchcraft in a simple everyday lifestyle. Especially in Faustian Tradition.

Asenath Mason has views I don’t agree with for example expressing how society admits to the entertainment business and politics being Satanist. I don’t know what they consider themselves to be, but its very obvious they have to follow an occult mentality in an unhealthy manner, with gang hand signs, parties and bad behavior. Many corporations do indicate symbolism of some sort, for example the people who own the apartment building I live are Luciferian, but claim Freemasons. I found the V on their company website in plain sight on the front page.

Mark Allen Smith has shared with me something he has experienced that were harsh. He once told me when invoking Lucifer, his power is so immense it’s “not in the same cosmos”.  Asenath Mason spoke in a video about Astaroth and how she walked up to a mountain had sulfur burning and his energy appeared.

She expressed it was the only time she experienced a power like this.  Now this surprised me she expressed how it was the closest experience she had in her life.  I would think she would have had many experiences  all these years good or bad. That’s what I am talking about many people seem to be a Facade. She was a student of Marks and her “Faustian Tradition” that she follows speaks on selling your soul for money.

All my life I have experienced unusual spiritual events, just never understood it. My husband told me he experienced a dark spirit with yellow eyes looking right at him, in a house he grew up in that was abusive. The same thing happened to a relative. These energies will appear and let themselves be known physically if they can manifest a body, especially if your in a dark place in your life and in emotional anger/pain.  It’s teaching yourself how to cope and what to do when it happens because “balance” is the key.