The Kabbalah, Evil and it’s Origins

The Kabbalah , Evil and it’s Origins, what you didn’t know? An understanding of the origins of  “evil”   of how it all began. How separation gave evil life since the fall of man. On the tree of life, every Sephiroth has a purpose, with Geburah and Chesod they complement one another.  As long as Geburah remains balanced by Chesod it is a force that guarantees order and justice. However, if Geburah were to act on its own it would become a brutal and destructive force which would cause evil.

The Qabalists view Geburah as an aspect of God and as one of his qualities. At a certain moment in the mythical primordial span of time, the Serpent lingers into the Garden of Eden and causes man to break the original unity by the eating of the fruits of knowledge. When the original unity breaks Geburah becomes an independent force which will dominate Malkuth and the world of man. 

What was potentially evil becomes actualized and turns into a radically evil force that plagues the world of man. According to many Qabalists, Satan is born through the  sinful acts of man . One side of God becomes an independent, evil force through the  disobedient side  of mankind.

Several Qabalists claim that the serpent is the principle which causes division in existence and which enables Satan or Samael, to become an individual, evil principle. The serpent corresponds to instincts considered sinful but was also associated with the  Demon Mother Lilith. 

Three worlds prior to our world were created, but because they were so evil and destructive each time, our creator destroyed them. These worlds left remnants, which provided the seed for the  Qliphoth . God created these worlds in hopes to enable righteous men. However,  man broke that unity when he chose to eat from the tree of knowledge. Only in a world of injustice can a righteous man arise since he would choose the good and righteous.

Because of the  disobedience of man,   righteous men  do not exist and man has fallen to live in sin. The unity is broken and separation has occurred given evil the air it needs to breathe and grow and keep man in bondage.