Orobas and the Grasshopper

Last night the moon was in Libra, as the hour changed to Saturn, I wanted to be outside when calling upon the great Spirit Orobas. I needed to speak to this great Spirit as I needed is help with Divination and how to bring money into my life. Instead of drawing out a seal I just used the card from the deck “Occult Tarot”. The cards are great with so much detail about spirit and the seal is already on the card, so it’s practical.

Being at the park is probably not the best place as there were so many people there, most of which were kids playing ball, but sometimes doing things in plain site is usually over looked, at least this time it would have been, if it wasn’t for some snot nose bitch. So I pulled out the cauldron, incense and the card for Orobas. I sat right under the moon, which was so amazing and bright and lit up the incense.

I might have been there for about 15 minutes and everything went fine I also had a visitor. The moment I spoke Orobas’s name, a large something jumped at me, which turned out to be a large grasshopper. It scared me at first because of the dark I couldn’t see it at first, I just felt its weight when it landed on me.  At first I shewed it away, however, they’re not harmful I thought, “wait a minute” maybe it’s a sign? I apologized if it was Orobas manifesting as a grasshopper.Is this you Orobas, great Spirit?

I continued on to get back into state, which wasn’t easy with all the noise, next thing I know, some bitch in a white call blasts her lights on me, soon after a few minutes she shuts them off.

It was obvious she was wanting to see what I was doing, since she may have seen the flame from the cauldron. I tried to get back into mediation but it wasn’t easy.

Just when I thought my green friend was gone because I couldn’t see where he flew too, he jumped on my back and I freaked me out.  Those little critters catch you when you least expect it. He flew off and hopped away, again I apologized. Don’t sneak up on me like that.

At that point I just decided to pack up and call it a night, which it was good thing I did, as I began to walk away here come the police, that cunt called the cops. They never saw me do anything because I was already walking to my car, but they drove all over the grass and towards the back of the park. So by this point I’m in my car driving off and threw my high beams at that bitch as I know she did it. There is always a trouble – maker in my way.

Then here comes another stupid cop flashing the lights on people, I drove off. I guess next time I better find a place of power deep in the woods were no one can find me. I only regret not getting a license plate, I could did some “hocus pocus” on her.

As for my great prince Orobas I’m sure my little green friend will deliver the message to this great spirit. I look forward to another night in Libra when I can spend more quality time with mediation and having Orobas in my space, not just my dreams.