Qliphotic Meditations

As I am reading Qliphotic Meditations, it’s occurred to me I will need to follow a structure of invoking each spirit on the tree. Then proceed to work with it, to have an understanding of my shadow self, of my weakness, my human flaws to confront the part of me I am unaware of. This will take some time, but as I do, it’s expected that I will go through rather difficulties in my life. As Mason say’s, ” each initiation is personal and everyone has to face their own demons weakness, inhibitions, taboos, fears, fascinations, obsessions, fantasies”. This happens to all those who decide to take this path on the Tree of Death

Now you maybe saying to yourself, really?  I have been through so much in my life now and that is true we all have and some humans have been in agony and their personal hell they can’t escape from. Maybe they haven’t found the right door to carry them on through the other side. I know I haven’t entirely and sometimes I just want piece of mind, but of course desiring this is only brief. As any happiness humans have usually is brief. OROBAS LUCIFER'S ORACLE

When I think about the world and politics how evil, people truly are, there is nothing natural about it. About the people being “EVIL” more than good. Those in politics had to have not only walked a path such as this, but not for personal empowerment, but to rule over the mass’s. Those in politics must have made sacrifices of the worst kind. If any human can access these energies, then so can people in politics and the church.  These people are “evil” of the worst kind.  This is what personally bother’s me?  The questions I have is why? The only answer is because man is Inherently Evil. As long as the man sins, the Qliphotic Tree and the shells grow stronger, distancing man further away from our Creator.

Why doesn’t the number of people who think they have some leverage of power, with these energies work against those who are destroying the human race? Turn that power into something good? Man is too Evil for that, when given any power at all. The purpose of the “Left Hand Path” is to deepen the fall.