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Queen of Hell, better known as Hekate, Queen of the Witches, Queen who holds Keys to access the Gates of Hell. The Divine power to creation. Egyptians perceived “Heka” or “magic” as a divine force which existed in the universe like “power” or “strength” and which could be personified in the form of the God Heka. My theory of Heka then was the masculine God  and now Hekate is showing herself as the feminine, the mother of creation. Heka and Hekate are one in the same. Heka was believed to have existed since the time of creation, I believe Hekate is a huge part of creation and is very much aligned with the Divine. As the Egyptians witnessed Heka to have empowered the creation event so that the God Heka could likewise be seen as a creator god. Heka was also a god of power whose name  was tied to this meaning from the 20th dynasty onward by being written emblematically with the hieroglyph for “power”. Heka was feared by the Gods themselves and he was said to accompany the sun God in his barque as well as to protect the god Osiris in the underworld.


Queen of Hell, better known as Hekate, Queen of the Witches, Queen who holds keys to access the Gates of Hell. Hekate is the first Dark Goddess of the Universe. Hekate is beyond Kether and Thaumiel, she sits on her throne giving power to the many Gods such as King Belial and Lilith, all of them have a role to perform when a magician chooses to take a journey on the path of the dragon. You first must build this relationship with the dark queen once she decides to allow you to walk the path, Lilith will be the first to provide the key to the first gate. However, before you begin, there are tasks to perform, altars to set up, and pacts to be made. So, before you consider this rough ride through hell, are you sure your mind and body can tolerate the unexpected fear and torment your going to receive? 

You desire to know what lye’s outside your comfort zone, the mysteries to the universe, knowledge no man knows? Then just be warned you have no idea what Hekate will put you through and the many other Gods, because to know what they know, to see through their eyes, they will fuck with you so badly as if your being squeezed, because its a test all of it, is a test. Hecate is a protector and mother, she will provide, just realize many other forces are her allies.

You can begin this journey through sex magick, as I have taken the first step to reading my “birth chart” three houses have already told me that transformation and sex magick are foretold. This information provides to know who has opportunity to gain access with the initiation of giving myself up to the Dark Queen and I do believe it is what you need to do. You have to give yourself up to her. Its only through Hekate that you will discover who and what your made of, your souls purpose, but it won’t be easy. Every gate has a guard, even DAATH, the record keeper is Lucifuge Rofacle.

Far too many women (people) speak of Hekate in a mild manner and disregard her darker aspects, but that is who she is, she is not kind or soft, or understanding. She is Queen Mother to the Universe before man ever existed. She is mother to Lucifer and her son is Belial. Hekate has consorts and gives approval to those who are willing to walk the path. Other Gods will give the keys of different realms if you have her approval. Most people will never walk this path or know the Goddess in this way. She is the primal force to the all knowing. Your soul is forfeited and your blood is spilled. If you haven’t done this then your relationship of what you think you have with this Dark Goddess from Hell is a mere illusion.

Hekate uses the sexual current as the primary form of enhancing the consciousness and being through spiritual progression and magickal transformation. You can use your sexual fluids with the sigils that will charge it, consecrate it and create magickal servitors. These fluids imbued in this manner with occult energy make the sigils incredibly effective.

Hekate has daughters and sisters who are the teachers, and tempters of the dark craft, they are the “envoy” of the Queen of Witch Flame. There so many areas of the dark queen most people are not aware of, such as Surgat, he is the Gate Keeper. Manages all those who come in as there is only one way. There are evocation and invocations, both that will be performed during rituals, many prayers and the use of the four corners of the world. She is involved with every aspect of the tree of death and holds the keys to all realms of the night side. As a loyal child of Hekate you will carry the mark of the Witch. This journey is intense and like no other involvement of spiritualism you ever knew, question is, how far are you willing to go?