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Sex Magick practitioners often use slow, intimate moments to build energy. You can work as a couple, or alone exciting yourself to build energy.  They come close to orgasm, then back off, then build again and again until a final crescendo. Slower sex, explorative sex, intimate moments, and communicating this to Hecate opens the relationship of energy being shared from the Queen.  Demons and Spirits all want SEX from Humans, it’s all they crave another form of Sex Magick. All sexual energy can form into having sex with Demons or Angels. Essentially, it’s about harnessing the feeling of your sexual experience, solo or partnered, to focus on your desires. Think of it like making a wish when the clock hits 11:11, as you blow out a birthday candle; use the orgasm or sexual intimacy as the catalyst for the wish.







Incubus & Succubus

This first time I ever experienced a spirit (energy) trying to fuck me was over a year ago. I was in a mental trans and didn’t understand what was happening to me. I could feel the heavy hands and feet on my bed. My eyes were closed shut, unable to open them, but I could hear myself saying “NO” out loud.  The next time this happens to me. I’m going to let it happen so I may experience having sex with a demon.

This moment of being in a deep lucid trans was mind blowing and very real, but also somewhat scary.  It was not in my control, other than verbal resistance. Its a moment that you either let it flow or go against the grain and resist, but I couldn’t stop it. I don’t think the sex happened because I continued to say “NO” it’s all I can remember. My human curiosity got me thinking, what if I let the spirit just take me, how bad could be? Maybe it would be the “fuck’ of the century?

Yeah, I realize it is a danger I’m playing with, but the experience of  knowing a real life sexual experience with a spiritual energy, is rare. I can’t have kids, so I’m not worried about that. Next time, I’m going to ride that “red dragon”.



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“There are millions of demon-possessed people in the United States—possessed by the unclean

spirit of lust. Satan, the prince of this world, fans the flames of lust in the hearts of men and women. Playing on one of the strongest urges of nature—one that, when controlled, is one of God’s great gifts to mankind—Satan has down through the ages perverted it, wherever he can, for the destruction of his victims.”

This bullshit was written from this article. You can’t blame Satan for the lust that runs in the human spirit or body. Are these Christian Freaks forgetting about media ads, music industry that sexualises women and men. Mainstream media in movies and t.v programs. The industry itself being perverted with child molestation and sexual harassment in every work environment, especially the military?  Man is to blame for all of that, if sexual possession exists, it exists in the heart of humans. You can’t blame Satan, but maybe this moron should start pointing the finger at the Vatican and false Governments. Every human has free will and responsibility. The only sexual possession you can have is that with a spirit or angel under your own “free will” being a magician.


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sexUAL and Human sacrifice

The Sacrificial Priestess is a rite of both human sacrifice and sexual magickal communion with the Goddess Hecate. The ritual transcends the boundaries of necrophilia and is understood to be for both the sacrificed and sacrificer the greatest height of ecstasy. At the point of climax the ultimate ecstasy experienced at the moment of death the soul of the Priestess would be carried to the realm of Hecate’s Throne. The Priestess must offer herself in totality to the Dark Goddess. The chamber is ritually blessed by the Apprentice in Witchblood. The Queen of Hell is called at the onset of sexual magickal communion to conjoin body and soul of both Priestess takes a submissive role in the sexual possession.   Mark Smith