What is More Beautiful than Death? Here is where True Evil Lives, sucking the energy and life from another. Feeding off of Human Mortals, never bothers a vampire. The taste of blood is what keeps the dead, alive. The blood is the elixir of life. It provides a vampire with energy and power to feed off of human energy.

This contemporary world is full of demonic beings and ghosts that have lurked on the astral plane to feed off of human energy of the living, but there was also human sorcerers and witches able to shape-shift and travel through astral realms to abuse sleeping people against their will, thus becoming astral vampires themselves.

However, don’t humans who take everyday life for granted do exactly the same? Yes they do, people use people, suck energy from you, bring you down when your feeling good, because they don’t as a person.







The first vampire was Lilith known as a Succubi and Incubi.  Lilith’s  children were conceived by sleeping men who desired lust.   Lilith  is often described as a gaping womb that cannot be fed. When she comes to you for the first time, she smiles with a promise of forbidden secrets and delights. She warms you with her embrace, brushing up against you, so you ma feel every inch of her slithering. Her kisses are the sweetest because her lips are tasty, ruby red  and intoxicating.

In ancient and medieval times, Lilith was greatly feared to sneak into bed chambers and to steal the semen from sleeping men, which she later used to engender monsters and demons.

You don’t have to manifest anything or perform a ritual to have the experience of an energy inviting itself to want to engage in sex with you, but I do believe it may need your permission as I have experienced and because I said no, it never happened.









Armond denies he knows nothing of how he became a Vampire, his only real interests is Louie as his companion. There are many Gods in this Universe, but he knows nothing of our Creator. Armand is the oldest living Vampire and his search for a companion has been long. He wants to wait no longer, but Louie denies Armond’s friendship. Now that his little daughter has been scorched from the Sun by the other Vampires, it’s time for Louie to move on. He has no purpose to stay with Armand, nor does he want his friendship.

Night Terrors is of a Vampire spirit assaulting people in their sleep one of those terrors is the embrace and seduction of Lilith, also known as the “night hag”. Lilith is a night demon.

One secret Lilith supposedly knows that no one else does know, is the secret name of the Creator, Father of Aeons. When she refused to be obedient she flew into the air like a wild bird screaming the name of of the Divine Spirit.






A Vampire who preys and feeds off of the living mortals know nothing of GOD or the DEVIL. Armond I am nor EVIL or GOOD, I just am the oldest living vampire in existence. The most sexiest character in this movie a favorite of mine.

The Novel by Anne Rice was incredible, “Interview with a Vampire”, it was exciting, seductive, alluring. Gives the sensation  that vampires might just exist. This tale has been around for centuries, add a brilliant movie to go along with the book and it was a smash hit. One of my favorite Vampire films next to Coppola’s, Bram Stroker’s Vampire.

Actor Tony Banderas played a great part as Armond, which I personally enjoy more so than Brad Pitt.  People, everyday people with bad or negative energy can certainly be a vampire. Humans don’t have to have fangs and bite your neck to suck the life energy out of you. Narcissistic relationships of every kind are a perfect example, so the next time you feel drained emotionally of physically take a look at who is standing beside you.