Slavery Still Exists

Slavery still exists, so how does anyone escape from it?  Especially when living in a modern world that minimum based jobs are the only answer?  The majority of people are having to work these types of jobs, it never ends unless you find a way to earn money on your own. The majority of people will never work executive jobs, then you have millions who are enslaved within countries like Africa, that people are being murdered by the thousands due to the color of their skin. Their slavery is much worse than in America, but poverty is higher than ever on a global scale, all because of the “white man”.

Most people don’t view themselves in slavery, that is because their mind is so conditioned, to thinking if they work hard they have something to look forward to. NO! You don’t have anything to look forward to, the politicians have been trying to steal the Social Security system for years. And for those who get some benefit, it’s favored towards white people receiving more money than people of color who work harder.  Today far too many 70 year old people have to return back to work part time, because the cost of living is extreme and they can’t make it financially.  I’ve also noticed 30 to 40 year old’s living with their parents for the same reasons. Either way it’s only a matter of time before all is eliminated and for what? The “white man and his greed”.

As I am reading “Tarot and the Gates of Light”, it talks about a system the Jewish people used to study the Tarot, the “Omer”. The system is very old, but leaves many questions to be studied and that I can reflect on, in my own life, within the images of each card.

The first cards I pulled to examine are the wands, so as I examine these cards it will help to identify and question myself of the responsibility I need to take on in my life. Just as the Israelites had to do when breaking away from slavery from the Egyptians. This was not an easy transition as they were so conditioned in the mind. Having to walk away and now take responsibility for their spiritual path to believe in themselves and the Divine spirit was a great challenge. Any changes we make in our lives usually are.

I think about this, now that I am alone, if the people in this world need to depend on organizations of any sort, are we taking responsibility or are we being co-dependent?  Several months ago after I lost Todd I didn’t know what direction to turn, so I choose to stay in a place that had restrictions, for the most part it was okay and very clean, but the aesthetics of it gave the impression of “prison”.

Not soon after I was sitting down and looked up at the wall and I couldn’t believe my eyes, the shadow of Lucifer’s V was extremally large in size on the wall. This V represents his horns within the main seal that many practitioners use.

I could not deny this image, it was a sign, that the Dark Lord was telling me something, to leave. He already knew how I viewed this place, as a prison and since Lucifer is of Liberation, why would I stay? Anything that is Government or State is prison. Corporations, jobs, having to work for anyone else than yourself is prison, it’s being under the thumb of something else. It was designed this way, to keep the masses at mercy. So I left,

I didn’t hesitate and realized I was better on my own, now it’s time to take responsibility for me, placing my trust in the Supreme Goddess Hecate and the Universe. Allowing my heart to be open and trusting my guides to show me the way, which I know they will. I have made a few mistakes with people in this last seven months, but I won’t do that again. I see no reason to have relationships with men either, my body is only now for Hecate to have. I made that promise.

Now it’s time for a new set of goals, new adventures, discoveries and travel, this world is large, there is no point staying in one place or restricting myself. I have no problem being alone and I feel my strength returning back to me. Too many stupid people question me of how I live or get by, I had money to make it, this last several months, but if I work it will be on my TERMS!!!  I don’t need to be a slave to the white man.

This slavery pig has been a racists all his born days, and the white race did NOT come first, people of color did. The white man is a dangerous predator who needs to be taken out, but I’ll leave that to those who plan to do just that. Slavery controls the masses, government, state facilities, law enforcement, military, prison (which most men are non-violent offenders). Including being self – employed unless you can escape the tax system which is the biggest Fraud of all time. And now corporations like Amazon building cages for employees, it won’t surprise me if the vessel in society bursts into a world wide war of humans against these mother fuckers at the top and kills them all. Regardless of how you choose to view the world, were trapped, there is no way out, but death.