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          Black Mask of sepheranz

With Blood Upon The Images And Seals; Of the Four Great Princes Who Stand Eternal; At The Four Corners Of The Realms Of Men And Gods; I Awaken The Living Gate Of The Temples Of Black Atlantean Flame; Which Flows Unbound To This Sacred Place; Blessed As The Vortex Of Darkness; Through Which Sepheranz Will Rise In Hecate’s Name; Through The Four Gates of Fire; The Limitless Power And Knowledge; Formed With the Offerings Of Blood; Poured Forth With The Offerings Of Blood; Poured Fourth Upon The Seven Sacrificial Heads;

Of The Souls Of The Chosen Who Have Passed; Through The Black Queen’s Eye As Offerings; To The First Dragon Goddess Beyond Thaumiel’s Moon; As Queen Of All Hell I Stand At The Heart; Of The Blackest Abyss That Shall Be Opened; From The Pathways Of Belial In Atlantean Depths; To This Sacred Temple Of Ancient Gods; That Will Across Spiritual Planes; Forever Stand As It’s Power Defies; The Continuous Flow Of The Veils Of Time; The Gate Of The Devil Queen Of The Depths; Shall Open To Consume The Flesh And Souls;

Of All They Who Dare To Enter This Darkness; Without Lucifer’s Fires Ablaze Deep Within; Their Immortal Godsoul; Here Is The Path To Power Unlimited; The Knowledge Of The Gods; Granted Unto The Flesh Of Man; For He With The Strength To Withstand; The Power Of The All; Now Delivered; For All They Who Fall Before These Great Fires; Lies The Fate Of A Soul Now Eternally Damned.  MAS

The Three Kings



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queen in the void


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         The Black Temple of SEPERHANZ

I Spill This Blood And Cast Forth; Through The Primal Gate Of Sepheranz; The Spirit Which Is Now Granted In Honour; Of The Atlantean Witch Gods Of  This Chosen Path; Which Leads The Soul Into This Realm; Of Gods Incarnate Of Flesh; Or Casts The Spirit Of Man Beyond The Realms of Destiny’s Hands; Blood Is The Source of The Black Gate; Manifested In The World Of Desire And Flesh; Through Which The Devil Queen Of The Depth’s;

And The Seven Gods Of Ancient Draconian Flame; Rise Forth Beyond The Time Veils; To Grant The Unlimited Force; Of The Knowledge And Wisdom Released In One Moment; In The Ultimate Test Of The Soul; That Shall Be Torn From The Flesh; Or Transformed By Supreme Understanding; Of The Power Of Gods Delivered; In The Open Vortex Of Sacrificial Blood; As The Daughter of Conquest and Fire; Releases Through The Maw Of Seven Dragon Gods; The Limitless Black Flame Of The Totality Of The All. MAS


Queen of Hell



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