Spiritual Energy In the Universe

What is spiritual energy to you? Or should I ask, do you believe in spiritual energy? Many people don’t believe in it for various reasons, the church already brain washed you, your families religion dominates the house and your mind, you think your an atheist (whatever that means), or your just someone who believes in nothing, including yourself. It’s okay it really doesn’t matter to me, but I do believe in all things here on earth as well as beyond the Aeons of the Universe. We are not alone as a race, but unfortunately we fester an ignorance. As an adolescent I hated growing up knowing nothing about the world I lived in, the horrible people that live within society, (which only confirm evil is in man). Not knowing of options I could have had as a young woman, but of course all of this frustration is within the Mundane world. Yet the energies know our thoughts, our feelings, the choices we might take, if our families are strong with love or not. If I had known more then, as I do now, my life would be very different. It’s okay because all I have experienced was real, growing up and now as an older adult I take nothing for granted (at least I try not to).

Let me share with you, some of my most memorable experiences of spiritual energy. What I recall most was in my early 20’s, during this time there was much tension in the family, The lights would shut off and on, the air in the room would change, the mood of family members would be drastic in behavior, like a spiritual attack. The women in our house had the strongest intuitions, but neither of us understood it, especially when I would know something or someone was going to happen before it did. I didn’t grow up with religion or any occultism just heard the myths of old fairy tales and legends I didn’t think to much about.

Later in my 30’s I went to bed late one night the second I closed my eyes, the bed was rocking and thumping hard. This happened again something wanted my attention. When I think back on it, anyone would have been scared out of their mind, I wasn’t as I should have been. Yes it took me by surprise I just believed it was a bad energy because of the arguing in our home. Actually that still occurs, when tension strikes or anger, I noticed things happen.

My significant other had many medical issues last year that took a physical and emotional toll on me, during this time something began to draw my interests towards the Occult. I began reading and watching video’s and one night I called Marbas’s https://magickpower.net/qliphotic/name from the Goetia. An energy so powerful, so strong, appeared immediately I could not believe what I felt, I can’t describe it. I wasn’t scared, really, but I was paralyzed and couldn’t physically move. I said nothing and remain still after a few minutes it slowly faded out. Soon after what followed next was a series of events randomly, my intuition began to resurface. Reading my horoscope, it spoke to me in messages and tarot cards too (tarot helps me with healing). I began to read more on Goetia and watch “Luciferia” on Go Virtual I learned much from her.

 As the days continued so did the stress, but I had energy with me daily rubbing up against me when washing the dishes, knocks on my door when I was alone, wolves howling at a far distance, and the moth, but what worried me most, was my mood changed, my behavior. It was harsh, really harsh and during this time I had no support from doctors or extended family for my man. He was suffering with Dementia and I was on the brink of wanting to finish him off. It was getting really awful and I needed to get a grip of my life. I began to cleanse the rooms and myself. I reached out to God (our Creator) and Lucifer asking for help, cleansed with sage anything to get things back in balance and release myself from whatever had a hold on me.

Family members dumped their emotional problems on me and police were harassing us because they wanted to put my man in a facility against his will.  I had enough and kicked people out of my life and made a plan. The universe was speaking to me, to align myself with the Divine as I needed to heal from what was happening and frankly I’m still unclear of how to do this exactly, but I cleanse with sage regularly. So I saved my money and moved us out of there to a new place. Before this I opened my will and my heart to PARASIEL the LORD OF TREASURES and gave my BLOOD on the PENTACLES to provide the financial monies I needed to get out. He answered my blessings the following day I got a call and big allotment came my way from the STATE of CALIFORNIA to help me with my man.

I pray to Lucifer my Dark Angel, I honor the Queen of Witchcraft Hecate I seek knowledge and transformation before I die and this is my reason for being here and desiring to understand the mysteries. All exist in this world GOOD and EVIL, THE CREATOR and the DEVIL, lets not forget the FATHER of AEONS is the creator to all living and spiritual things. He is beyond dimensions we can’t comprehend. I just desire to understand my souls purpose. I can’t change anyone or the world. I can only change myself, sometimes these energies speak to us in ways we can’t understand. But I have the time now to spend to do just that, understand your souls purpose, and you will find peace.