The Occult of PrimalCraft

I came across an interesting forum just today, Vampirism Forum. A young woman speaks about MARK ALLEN SMITH, the author to the Occult books of the Trident of Witchcraft.  She shares awareness of how Mark and another person who control the FaceBook Group are threatening in a sense.  Here you can read for yourself.  Forum

I have to agree with the young woman, no human can tell another human if and how they can worship, have relationship with or even be cut off from Hekate, that they have this power or authority. This kind of brainwashing and dictatorship is so typical of men.  Now I’m not going to defend Mark because I don’t know him, however I myself question occultist, just the same as I have questioned preachers standing behind a podium at church the few times I’ve attended. They are a vessel like anybody can be and have experienced their own Gnosis, but that is all I feel one can do.

Everyone’s experiences are different.  Yet I am not sure how all this began for Mark, he really never says, his personal story is evasive of when he was a child. I don’t know how he grew up, what kind of childhood he had, if negative or positive. Why he began to get into the Occult?  He is never very clear of the details. At 14 I was still playing with my toys. I knew nothing about anything of the world I lived in.  Compared to someone such as Mark who was performing rituals at 14. An adult had to have exposed him to it.

I don’t know what to say, but a child at that age must have had some ugly harsh memories, or experiences to find themselves being introduced to Witchcraft. As I do have memories of a very negative environment and sexual abuse growing up, yet I was oblivious to my own environment, although I grew up with both hard working parents, I did have positive experiences too. Frankly I thought growing up with no explanation of anything was very confusing and as a Capricorn I struggled with my emotions.

Yet Christianity was being shoved down my throat and I was married and divorced way too young, which ruined my life, so frankly I never had a chance to be me and discover all I wanted to know of any subject freely until now. Interesting how oppression sneaks up.

All I recall as a child was my mom ignorantly making remarks about Witchcraft (or certain relatives who she assumed were practicing it) not ever knowing anything about it, other than the fables that were told from one generation to another. And my dad he would say from time to time, “don’t let the gypsies get you”.  My parents were white washed and brainwashed, they never understood true witchcraft or the history of any culture of the people around the world. Only the lies told on the News.

Everything written in Marks book I will say is “TRUE” to Mark, because he experienced it, I have to assume that much, it’s his story. Great, but does it mean it’s the same for me, No?  Will I experience the same, maybe not?  However, what I will defend as human and  being a Capricorn, because Mark Smith is Capricorn too. He told me that in an email.  Since the Capricorn corresponds to the Devils card and the planet Saturn, any Capricorn could probably try hard to hurt you with curses. 

However, this kind if thinking is unnecessary when petty. Not to say it can’t work, but that would depend on the universe and if it will be allowed, because un-necessary curses can be shut down by the Gods or Universe, even intercepted by Angels. I truly believe that.  The reason I express this about Capricorn is because “death” and pain is something of an element we as Capricorns can bring into play even with are ugly harsh words and energy.  I myself have done it, but not intentionally. It took place because I was hurt or angry, but this in itself can be a curse for the human Capricorn.  It’s apart of our make-up.

I’m not an expert but I have experienced it because it’s natural to feel “the anger” and “hate” that runs through our blood, it really is apart of who we are and because of those correspondences we as Capricorns struggle so, emotionally and psychologically.  Of course one should find balance, its not something that should be abused, but if the Ego gets in the way, I believe it can be dangerous.  I am merely expressing this because maybe, just maybe, Mark is allowing his Ego to get in the way, or his Saturn energy. People do have a right to say what they want and I may not always agree with others, but its hard to argue perspective.  Yet another point of view I agree with is today “new age witchcraft” and occultist have gone off the deep end because most people want to do, is profit from it all, with over priced classes, books and witchcraft stores. Is anyone person more of expert than another?

Maybe Hekate did come to Mark as a child and picked him to write these books, but because anyone human is choosen to be a child of Hekate, no human has the right to tell another or shut them off from the Goddess Hekate herself.  We all live on this island of earth and all of us should be helping each other, but something is in the air of hurting each other more than ever. It’s more likely because of politics and the elites ruining the world and people’s lives. Regardless,  I personally have not invoked HEKATE, but I honor and worship her and she hears me. The day I DO, it’s gonna be a “hell of a party”!

I to have asked Belial to help me and I felt his power in my soul and yet I did not invoke him. I’ve had many crazy experiences that have convinced me spiritual energy is very real. The real question is?  What are we using it for, to hurt people?  Or to gain spiritual awareness of our lives and this world? No one really knows what will happen to the soul when we die. You can read the bible, regardless of whatever version (even the Satanic) it’s all perspective. Personal choice, is personal awareness and your journey make the most of it while living.