Queen Mother



Beyond Kether

The Trident of Witchcraft is at the hands of Hecate, Lucifer and Belial. Queen Mother Hecate, of all life Heaven, Hell and Earth. Provide all love and devotion and you too can become a chosen one, a child of the Queen Mother, who bestows all access to keys, so you may travel to gain the  knowledge man is blind too. Hecate sits far beyond Kether and watches all. She is Mother Queen to the Trident of past Atlantean Gods. This knowledge has now returned and any prophecies heed as a warnings.

The Throne of Hecate, this Dark Goddess is the source of all dark magickal power. The Throne of Hecate which lies beyond the structure of the Tree is the domain of the Queen of all Witchcraft and the goal of all those who aspire to dwell at this realm, an eternity in the loving embrace of the Dark Queen.

Hecate will use your Soul to teach the art of knowledge, of True Witch Craft. The TRIDENT holds the keys to Power. You must trust Hecate to use your soul, it will be returned to you, but your loyalty will tested.


Hecate is the Divine Power of the Universenbsp- MagickPower

Hecate Mother of the Universenbsp- MagickPower



Beyond Thamuiel

Thamuiel is the Twin God and associated to the Tunnel of “Amprodias”, which then also connects to Ghagiel. Of course traveling through the Tunnel of Amprodias is far dangerous and can be liberating if harnessing the lessons accordingly. If you fail to accomplish the lessons learned of this realm it could lead to losing yourself with insanity and delusions. During your flight you can experience the shattering of the veil between the worlds and gain the ability to see with the Eye of the Dragon. However Hecate is far beyond Thamuiel, her intentions and powers are not to assist you with the Tunnels. Hecates power is far different than that.

When the Gates to the Queen of Hell’s realm open within the central temple vortex, the power of the Book held at her Throne is transferred into it’s physically manifested counterpart; the Book of the Temple. The Book of Hecates flesh is the open Gate to the Queen of Hell’s Throne through which un-tempered torrents of knowledge, power, and wisdom flow in evolution of the devotee’s mind and soul. Never try and bind Hecate or control her within the circle, you can not bind the Divine Power.


Light Bearer


 horned king lucifer

“Few minds are ready to receive this gnosis brought forth in our names. Yet in his Age of the Light-bearer my Fire shall illuminate these paths for those with eyes to see. The minds of the strong will be awoken and freed as devoted souls break the shackles of slavery to choose their own spiritual path, forging their destiny as souls of men who shall become the Bodies of Gods”. ~ Lucifer

The blood of sacrifice empowered by Gods and Princes ignites flames of the God soul. You become one with the Godhead of Lucifer as fire descends, conjoining the skull with the Fetish Lord, creating the Great Horned Lord of the Ascending Flame of the Gods that rises within the Womb of Hecate. When the horned Lords Flame burns brightest, you may merge with night’s powerful emissaries, transforming will form you into that of Daemon Incubus. An Incubus, created with this formula, is a gift of the Gods. it’s the First Power  of Lucifer’s Wings, transcending the mere projection of consciousness and astral self.

Prayer of the Nine Gates

In Your Name Dark Horned Witch Lord I Open These Gates; I Ensorcell This Magick Bound By The Queen Of Hell; For Mine Is The Flesh Of The Point Of World Conjoined; For Mine Is The Flesh Of The Master Of Thaumiel’s Thrones; I Summon Your Power In This Arte; The Flames Of The Dark God Flow Through Body And Mind ; As The Seals Are Blessed With Burning Witchblood; The Red King Of Gnosis And Magickal Manifestation; Forever Opens The Sacred Nine Gates Of The Gods In My Soul.

Mark Allen Smith




SEAL OF LUCIFERnbsp- MagickPower

lord Belial






crown prince of earth


The Trident and role of Belial as Lord of the Earth is revealed in greater scope when a connection to every single beast within this incarnate realm is experienced. This yields in part, gnosis of the power of Gods to enter the flesh of beasts, and control them. It is knowledge for adepts of the Craft who may wish to pursue this gift. The darker powers of the Devil’s Flesh – His Crown and the Seven Keys of Power that are the Seven Gifts of Belial’s Throne, forged by the Lord of Bones-are granted.

“Both the most malevolent malefic acts and the purest guiding soul light may be released from within the darkest “shadows”. Belial His Catacombs are the hardest of journey proceed with care.

All sacrifice is given an honor to the Trident, but if sacrifice is committed without honor and outside the temple vortex can also be given to Belial. The sacrificial flesh becomes the Devil’s flesh of Lord Belial as the spirit is transformed into Demonic entity. This spirit beast forever belongs to the Crown Prince. The Demon called forth and bound into the flesh by the hand of Belial is capable of unspeakable malefica. It maybe used also for the greater good, releasing souls who have walked the earth bound by misery for centuries, or even millennia.


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