Witchcraft a Fad or Spiritual Journey?

The more I view people online, the more I realize their expertise is minimal with no real experience of Evocation or Invocations of Goetia Spirits, Because you know when your being possessed from hostile parasites that can manifest, your behavior changes and when it’s goetia you know the change is there, but nothing hostile. Now with,  Witch of Wonderlust she has a video about working with Hecate, but the entire video she’s talking about a school and how this school teaches you what you need to know. Okay, not once did she describe an actual encounter with Hecate. Frankly I think their full of shit, but whatever.

There are far too many people who only buy books to collect them, but never understand the author’s point, as for book reviews they are watered down with no meat of the book itself being analyzed. Then there are those witches who paint their face like a vampire and rest of online occultist are selling products to make a buck off of witchcraft, including schools, lessons, junk off of the internet, is witchcraft more a fad than a spiritual journey?

Let’s not forget the number of people who do write about being in a coven at some point over the numerous years of being an occultist, only to end up fighting and competing with each other, trying to do each other harm. Yet know one really has the courage to fight with the politicians or scum on social media which only funnels hate through out society. Has it crossed anyone’s mind maybe your fighting the wrong war?

I only wish I would have started learning early in life about witchcraft, I might have grown to be experienced by this point, however late or not, being a Capricorn has serious advantages other signs of the Zodiac don’t have. Considering the Capi is associated to the “Devil” Card in the Tarot I feel inspired by this because as silly as it may sound to some 1) I’m closer to the source 2) It’s Empowering being associated to the Devil Card 3) Capi has a strong connection to Malefica 4) Being fully aware of my consciousness draws me closer to spirit guides 5) Being a Capi intimidates so many people naturally. It must be our strong energy that gives us away. 6) Saturn the most powerful planet in the Universe has our back.

I was told by my spirit guides long ago to understand the ancient art from roots, history, the origins of it, the truth, this in itself is a challenge with so much reading and questioning all that I do read. Viewing YTube on Witchcraft doesn’t provide much a variety at all, so digging for the truth is like being on a treasure hunt. However, I will advise that reading “Kabalah Unveiled is a good source to understand creation and many other unhidden interests. Connecting to the source of magic. British libraryAnother good place to find old literature or at least different views on witchcraft, is the British Library. This library contains so much information because they horde the worlds treasures in their back pocket, possessing and owning just about everything they can, as if they have the right?

Regardless, your spiritual journey should be authentic, and it can begin anywhere, in the kitchen, or garden, with crystals, or just dive into practice, you won’t really know how to communicate or touch the spiritual energy until you have it in your space.  Only then will you know how real it is.  Yet if it doesn’t feel right, know how to Banish it away, hostile or parasitic energy will walk in whether you want it to or not. It will influence your mind to act badly, so prepare if you can.  You can’t learn it at a school or through another. You must face it in real time in your home and on your own.  Only then can you call yourself a real witch!!