Witches have Intrinsic Love for the Craft

Human Will is the Power of Manifestation

Witches have an Intrinsic Love for The Craft. Witches of the North practice black magick, I’ve always had an attraction to danger and excitement and the unknown. Yet my consciousness has kept me from traveling too far. And whenever I did break the rules, there was always someone to remind me of how wrong I was. Who were they to judge me of how I see the world? And because of this hypocrisy, I chose to wander and explore something different and unknown.

Nature is a big part of the universe and the spiritual world, from the Great Seas to the Limitless Skies I can go as far as I choose. My mind, body, and soul can reach the heavens and fall within the depths of hell. It’s my choice how far I go.


      Gratitude for Nature

Natural Witch has a Love for Nature


The Power Within Every Witch

Power Within the Black Witch

Always Trust and have Faith within Your Soul

Over the years, I lost touch with the Witch inside of me. forgetting about my trusty intuition. I was lost and confused, depressed for so long. After many years of wandering in the wilderness, I have finally come to the road of discovery. Desiring to unleash my true nature, I begin to see my true power within.  I’ve grown strong everyday to be the witch I was meant to be.

As I grow my power grows, I know I am not a GOD, nor one of the Immortals, but what I wouldn’t give to be. Spirits may envy our humanness and crave life, but it is them who I find worthy. The spiritual world is filled with mystery and I shall seek all I need to learn and grow to have the power within my soul.


Manifestations a Witch will Produce

Your Biggest Moments Captured, Without Interruption

I am a Chaos Witch by nature, yet I seek a quiet place of solitude and darkness, to seek out the dark forces with just a glimmer of light from a candle. Concentrate, and relax, let your mind and body come together, in sync. I Henna black witch feel the energies of the spirits and welcome them to my temple. Give offerings and wine. Keep the fire burning within my soul. Feel the energies rise all along your spine and let the spirit be captured at this moment.

With this manifestation energy begins to shape, allow no interruptions from outsiders, let the spirit show itself and feel its power. Speak to the energy and ask it one “question of importance”?

       Power Is Within Your Soul