Something Within My Soul

Something Within My Soul laid doormat until my encounter with the police. I usually prefer to keep my private life, private, but since its been well over twenty years, who cares. My reason for sharing this unusual moment in my life is because when I think back on it now, I still can’t get my head around what happened and what the police saw within me? Where it came from of how I reacted and why?  In my younger years I had a collection of “sugar daddies”. I always appreciated the company of a man, good looking and well dressed, but more importantly at that time, how FAT his wallet which, was of importance to me. I was invited to meet someone one afternoon, so I drove out to this strange place.

I parked my car and began to walk toward the hotel room of where I was to meet my new friend, but something seemed off, as I looked around the environment, it had a strange appearance and no one was around, it seemed abandon. I didn’t realize it then, but it was staged and law enforcement was there to set me up and reel me in.  I should have ran the minute the door opened and the man I looked at was not my friend, but a stranger. I should have ran screaming, but I didn’t I went inside. I don’t know what possessed me to do that?

Before I knew it this weird man takes his clothes off and jumps on the bed, I’m just standing there watching him as I expressed “what the hell”, are you doing?  I was no where near him, nor was I going to touch him. I continued to stand there. It had only been a few seconds, the next thing I know, I turned facing the door beside me and it busts open with six cops ready to tackle me to the ground. However, they didn’t because something DEEP WITHIN MY SOUL….roared so loud with vibrating furious anguish. I was outside of myself, it’s as if I was a 20 FOOT GIANT MONSTER, READY TO SQUASH THEM.

What came out of me, I was even shocked, and as I let out this sinister sound that penetrated the room, the police were actually scared and jumped back in fear. They hesitated but never tackled me. I can’t exactly remember what happened next, they never cuffed me, but I was arrested.  They approached me with caution. It’s been so many years now, but I can’t get it out of my mind or fully understand it?

It was natural, deep within me. The physical belching of a roar with furious anger.  It’s almost as if something inside of me was protecting me. When I was a kid not everyone but a few kids were naturally scared of me. I never understood why? Even later as an adult. I figured it was their own personal hang ups.  As a strong female I didn’t quite understand my own human energy and how powerful it really was, but now as an older woman. I am more aware today, especially now that I communicate with the spirits, and give my love and loyalty to Hecate.

In life many things will happen to us and life has many tests. How we navigate them is what counts.  I am still yet to discover my true nature and my true power within my soul. Every time I praise Hecate I feel more connected to the Universe, and to Hecate. I don’t need to show off or ecstatically look like a vampire or a witch (as new age girls do). A Witches power comes deep from within her soul. I guess it’s just taken me a long time to understand the signs.