The World’s Soul Will Never Be Balanced

As I was watching many videos of the countries that are taken down by the floods. I thought about something I read in MAS WitchBlood Grail. It’s expressed as this ” The Call of Man”, The Dragon God sends out the Call of Man. This kala of the Crown Prince of Earth, delivered to the World’s Soul, fuels the cult of the Dark God Belial itself a part of the greater current of the Witchcraft Trident. The call of souls to this cult is the Call of Man’s Awakening. Deeper and hitherto hidden aspects of Belial, ensorcelled within this kala, whisper to the minds of mankind urging them to initiate “global changes” that are necessary in order to re balance the World Soul. The call will be heard by men, Gods and spirits alike. 

It’s not by chance that so many countries are now being torn apart at the same time. This is big. At first when Germany was hit, I thought to myself, maybe the people are being punished for the sins and crimes of their ancestors because of Hitler. Then soon Switzerland was hit and then China right after I knew it was something much bigger than anyone would think of.

What is the World’s Soul exactly? I’m not quite sure, but what I found was this. The anima mundi (Greek: ψυχὴ κόσμου psychè kósmou; English: world soul) is, according to several systems of thought, an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet, which relates to the world in much the same way as the soul is connected to the human body. Another definition is, A world-soul is the primordial life force of a world that has the potential to become a titan. Existing titans sought out world-souls to protect and nurture them in hopes they could become another titan. The void lords also sought out world-souls in hopes of corrupting them and create a powerful void entity. It makes sense I guess and because man has destroyed everything in its path, now man has to pay for the imbalance and damage we have done, everything counts, I mean everything. Some people though will pay in blood for blood, its my thought, if any civilian, military or cop have murdered for any reason or within their job, they will pay with their life, they will be the sacrifice.DRAGON

This morning I woke up around 6am and it was pouring rain outside,which I do enjoy, but it hasn’t rained in months, I just thought well if it happens here, it happens, can’t do anything about it. Eventually we all die and if our lives are ruined and all material possessions are swept away so be it. Nor I or anyone can change what is about to happen in the world at least not alone. We as a human race can only fight for our freedom and to stay alive as long as possible with no manipulation or interference of false governments telling us what to do. Who are trying to kill us all with man made viruses. My personal advice if you see or suspect a flood, dress with layers and pack a backpack with emergency aid and perishables to eat. At least you’ll be prepared for the big one.